Coffee People, Donut Shop K-cups For Keurig Brewers (pack Of 50) Reviews

Coffee People, Donut Shop K-cups For Keurig Brewers (pack Of 50)

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Coffee People "Donut Shop" K-cups - Delicious!

Jan 19, 2012 (Updated Jan 20, 2012)
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Pros:Smooth medium coffee roast, low acidity, not bitter
Economical 50-pack

Cons:No negatives but will monitor any packaging issues with future orders

The Bottom Line: Coffee People Donut Shop K-cups make an excellent medium roast drink, great for everyday drinking.  Good cup after cup.

Ordering the Product

One of the reasons I was hesitant for a long time to get a Keurig coffee brewer was the much higher cost per cup of coffee, compared to my tried and true drip brewer.  But it's nice to be able to brew a single cup of good tasting coffee quickly and easily, which is why the Keurigs are so popular.  Anyway, I was pleased to be able to find these 50-packs of K-cups.  They're a good bit cheaper than buying 18-packs, and at the time of my writing the best price I've found is $30 on with free shipping.  Ordering online isn't an issue for me...I've purchased products from Amazon many times in the past.   Their customer service has been excellent, including the one occasion when I needed to return a defective item. Points from previous purchases on my Amazon account can be applied to new orders to get an instant discount.

I ordered a box of the K-cups and 6 days later it arrived on my doorstep in good condition.  It was a little surprising when I opened the box and there was no packing material, just the K-cups inside with some room to move around during shipment.  The were in good shape with no damage, but it's concievable that there could possibly be some breakage if handled too roughly during shipment.  I plan to buy more of this product so I'll monitor that and update my review if necessary.  I've sent packaging feedback to Amazon regarding this.

Product Expectations

I love a good cup of coffee.  Full flavored, but also easy to drink several cups if desired, and that goes well when paired with food.  I've found that many dark roasts can be too strong and have a burnt aftertaste.  Light roasts are usually smooth but lacking in that full coffee taste.  And I don't like coffee that's too acidic or bitter.  Medium roasts are usually what I find most suited to my tastes.  The name of the product being "Donut Shop", what I hoped to get was a brew similar to the coffee served at Dunkin' Donuts.


So, my wife and I brewed our first cups of Donut Shop coffee.  What's there to say about the K-cup itself?  It fit into the Keurig well and brewed fine, no leaks, no grounds in the cup.  That's what you'd expect, but I have had issues with one brand of K-cups that didn't seal properly at the top when brewing and tended to leak coffee grounds into the cup.  This was not a problem with the Donut Shop K-cups, they brewed perfectly.


We were not disappointed in taste, the Donut Shop coffe makes a delicious brew  that's smooth and easy to drink.  Not too strong, not weak, plenty of rich coffee flavor but without a bitter bite to it.  "Good to the last drop", without any bitterness in the bottom of the cup.  It's good black if that's how you like it, or with creamer.  Even with a heavy dose of sweet flavored creamer, which is how my wife drinks it, the coffee taste comes through.  Of all the brands that I've tried, this is now my favorite for day to day drinking.  The third or fourth cup tastes as good as the first.  I will definitely purchase this product again.

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