Comfortis for Dogs 6-doses dogs 61-120 lbs Reviews

Comfortis for Dogs 6-doses dogs 61-120 lbs

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Flea Bites No More!

Jul 14, 2012 (Updated Jul 14, 2012)
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Pros:Great at killing and preventing fleas

Cons:Hard on the tummy, EXPENSIVE

The Bottom Line: I would recommend Comfortis especially if a dog has a chewing problem.  Ours happens to be allergic to flea bites.  I cannot afford not to use Comfortis.

Our dog, Leo, has had a skin condition ever since his birth.  The vet said he was born with an immune deficiency disease and probably would not live long.  With a lot of love, prayer, and persistence, Leo, the Beagle/Dalmatian/Pit Bull mix, grew and thrived.
However, Leo could not stay on Prednisone forever.  Each time he quit taking it, his aggravating itch would return.  Scabs would form all over his backside, arms, and tail, and he would bleed from his intense scratching.  His vet thought he was allergic to flea saliva and was so sensitive that even one single flea bite could trigger a reaction.

Veterinarian Recommended
We tried everything to eliminate the fleas from poisoning the yard, using flea shampoos and medications that you place on the skin to be absorbed, but nothing would work.  They all killed some fleas to some degree, but none eliminated them.  Leo could not tolerate one single flea bite or he could have a terrible break out all over his sensitive skin. 

After taking Leo to a veterinary that was also an allergist, he recommended trying Comfortis.  I had never heard of it before, but he said it was effective in dogs with his condition.  I was desperate to get this dog an itch-free life, so I agreed to start using Comfortis

 Positively A Horse Pill!

The veterinarian prescribed Comfortis (Spinosad) for Dogs 60.1 – 120 Pounds.  It is a large circular brown chewable pill with an extremely foul smell.  It apparently has a terrible taste since the smell reminds me of pesticides.  The scent nauseates the dog and us.  Leo won’t take it anymore unless I hide it in Velveeta cheese. 

Since I learned the Velveeta cheese trick, I have not had much of a problem getting him to swallow or even chew a “ball” of cheese.  Normally, Leo will swallow things for me easily.  But the smell of Comfortis is intense and must be masked.

Hard On The Tummy

If the dog can get it down, it usually stays down.  However, before I tried the Velveeta cheese trick, Leo would get sick and vomit after about two hours.  The next month, he could only hold it down one hour.  Comfortis reduces its effectiveness if the dog does not keep it down for long.
The pill should be taken on a stomach with food or otherwise your dog has a high risk of nausea and may vomit.  Having food already on the stomach greatly reduces problems with nausea.

Prevents Infestations

Comfortis has been great for not only killing the fleas on Leo, but it seems to be effective in preventing them in the yard too.  Both of our dogs can run out in the yard and bounce around without having to stop every few seconds to bite themselves.  Leo’s fur and skin also looks healthier than it has ever.  A flealess dog is a happy dog.  A flealess house is a happier owner.

Dosage And Administration

Give Comfortis to your dog once a month by mouth (or Velveeta Cheese Trick, you get the idea).  The recommended dosage is 13.5 mg per pound.  Please feed your animal first so tummy will be happy.
The package comes with six pills, one for each month respectively.  The pill number is 4227.

Final Thoughts

Comfortis begins killing fleas within 30 minutes and kills them before they lay eggs.  Its fast acting and consistent power has impressed me.  Leo is Prednisone free, 3 ½ years old, takes his Comfortis every 30 days and is enjoying the wonderful life of a happy dog.

The other drawback of Comfortis is the price.  It costs around $80 a pill.  If it did not work so well, I could not afford it.  In truth, I cannot afford it now.  My cousin, SweetyPeach, has been providing the money for the prescriptions or Leo would still be suffering.  God Bless SweetyPeach!

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Solve your dogÆs flea problems and prevent future flea infestations with Comfortis chewable tablets! What is Comfortis? Comfortis is a beef-flavor...
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Solve your dogÆs flea problems and prevent future flea infestations with Comfortis chewable tablets!What is Comfortis? Comfortis is a beef-flavored c...
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