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Conair Infiniti Curling Iron

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Great! if you like a bird's nest hairstyle and burnt fingers!

Dec 7, 2012
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Pros:Auto off feature, heats up fast, swivel cord, 4 temperature settings, may work  for some

Cons:Turns off while in use, cumbersome, uneven results, terrible glove, time consuming

The Bottom Line: The Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand (Conair Infiniti Curling Iron) didn't work well for me. It's cumbersome and gives uneven results. 

Before I discovered my holy grail of clipless curling irons, the Proliss Twister 13mm Pink Tourmaline Curling Iron, I tried several others. One was the  Conair Infiniti Curling Iron technically known as the Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand. This thing was touted as the best on the market but I found it nearly useless, hard to use, and so hot that it burned my fingers even with the included heat resistant glove on. I didn't get bouncy waves. I got a bird's nest.

About the Product

You Curl. New shape. No clip. The Infiniti by Conair You Curl lets you achieve smooth, frizz-free curls without a visit to the salon. This curling iron has a unique clamp-free conical barrel that makes it easier than ever to create beautiful, natural curls. It also features tourmaline ceramic technology and even heat distribution for professional, shiny, static-free results. Plus, You Curl's 30-second instant heat feature, four heat settings, and LED indicators ensure you'll get flawless, kink-free curls every time you use it. 

Manufacturer's Info

A Look at the Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand

This wand is made to give hair curls and waves without creasing and without the old fashioned "flipped" hair style look. It is supposed to give beachy waves, spirals, and buoyant natural looking curls.

The iron has a tourmaline coated ceramic cone shaped barrel with no clip. The bottom has a heat setting adjustment and an on/off switch. There are LED lights that indicate that the unit is on and what temperature is. There are four temperature settings. This iron heats up in 30 seconds and can go as high as 400 degrees. The plug has a swivel mechanism so it doesn't get tangled when wrapping hair and there is a three finger glove included so you don't burn your fingers off - but you still do. I did at least. The unit shuts off automatically after 60 seconds of being idle which was one of the main reasons I chose this one over others. I do like that feature when it works properly.

To use, plug it in, turn it on, set the temperature and wait about 30 seconds. Then, using a gloved hand, wrap your hair around the cone barrel from the top to the ends and hold it with a finger against the barrel. Release your finger and let the waves fall loosely down. Seems easy, eh? It isn't. At all.

My Experience

I fully admit that I never had used a curling wand before I bought this one. I have a variety of curling irons with the usual clips to hold hair in place but never had one that was just a cone shaped barrel with nothing to secure my hair but my fingers. However, it didn't seem tough to get the hang of. Just wrap strands of hair around the barrel, hold, and release. Simple!

The Conair Infiniti Curling Iron did heat up quickly. I kept the heat on the third setting which is medium-high. I put on the odd looking glove that only covered my thumb and first two fingers (Hint: Always use a full glove no matter what wand you use. It makes a big difference!). I stood there in front of the mirror with my long straight, layered hair ready for its transformation. Reading the little booklet, I saw that wrapping hair from the top to the ends was better for the hair and made more realistic waves so that's what I did. I started with about one inch strands and wrapped my hair around the barrel until I got to the ends and then held the hair in place with my gloved finger.

And I burnt my finger. Many times. That barrel really gets hot and the glove isn't enough protection!

After realizing I needed to just touch my hair and not press my finger down on the barrel, I had less issues with finger burning. I held my hair in place for about 15-20 seconds and released. I got strange looking uneven waves that looked sort of looked like I braided my hair wet and then let it dry. But only on some strands. Other stands didn't take as well and others took more so I had little curlicues of hair.

My hair is layered so that appears to part of the issue. I think, if I had all one length hair, this wand may have worked better for me. The barrel is quite big so the shorter layers really couldn't get a nice wave. The longer layers could but only did sometimes.

And it took forever! Since I was only wrapping about one inch pieces of hair and my hair is layered, it seemed to take years to do my whole head and when I was done, I looked ridiculous. I didn't have sexy waves or bouncy curls. I had a ratty looking, messy style that was part straight and part wavy. Let's not even talk about the back of my hair which I couldn't see and wasn't able to get much of any type of wave to form.

I tried to use styling products to make the best out of a bad situation but I looked ridiculous.

The next time I use the Conair Infiniti Curling Iron, I was more experienced as far as how long to hold my hair into place, how NOT to burn my fingers, and which way to wrap my hair for the type of waves I was hoping for.

Again, I burned my fingers but not as often as the previous time. I did get some waves but they were not even on each side. Sometimes my hair simply fell down limp and straight after being wrapped around the barrel for 30 seconds. Other times, I would springy spirals.

I tried several times to get the hang of using this wand but I just didn't have the time or ability to get the look I wanted. I also found that even when I was using the iron, it would turn off after 60 seconds and cool down. I didn't realize it was off until the wand was cool so I had to turn it back on and wait for it to heat and redo the sections I had already done when the barrel was too cool to work properly.

I never did end up with a style I liked and I eventually decided that these types of wands were simply not for me. However, I bought three more (!!) since then and finally, finally found THE ONE for me which I reviewed here. Clearly the barrel of this wand is too large for anything but very soft waves and the glove is so inferior to others. Also the auto turn off feature, which convinced me to buy this unit was what frustrated me most since it turned off for no reason while I was using the wand.

I know now why the Conair Infiniti Curling Iron is so deeply discounted. It just doesn't live up to its hype. I would blame myself for not knowing what I was doing and to a degree, I do. But I found that all the others I tried after this one worked better even if they weren't perfect and they all came with better protective gloves which is an absolute must. Burns are no fun and it's so easy to get one when wrapping your hair around a 400 degree barrel.

In all, I would not recommend this iron. There are many brands and sizes out there and they seem to work better than this one. Perhaps those with one length, long hair and a lot of expertise and time will be able to achieve the look they are going for but most  women who want to change up their style without spending hours in the bathroom trying to get it right will probably be frustrated with the Conair Infiniti Curling Iron.

Buying Info

You can purchase the Conair Infiniti Curling Iron also called the Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand online at various hair care stores and Amazon for a much lower price than I got it for. It's about $25.00- $27.00.


There are women out there who love the Infiniti YOU CURL Curling Wand but I am not one of them. This iron is just so cumbersome to use. The barrel is large so you can really only get squiggly waves at best from it and the glove is useless. Definitely buy a better one if you pick up this iron. The auto off feature on mine turned the iron off while I was using it, wasting my time and causing more frustration. I never got a good looking style from this iron. I know now that I CAN get great results from an iron like this, I just had to find the right one for me. This one was the worst of the bunch that I tried. I am going with 2 stars and not recommending it to you.

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