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ConairPro Pet Conair Dog Nail Clipper, Large

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Conair Large Nail Clipper—Fast cuts are the best

Jul 24, 2013
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Pros:Sharp, Smooth cutting action, Comfortable and easy-to-hold handle, Responsive

Cons:Cutting ingrown dewclaws is frightening - Conair should offer instructions

The Bottom Line:

The Conair Large Dog Nail’s scissor action was up to the task and provided a swift, painless and precise cut on my dog’s nails.

Ask the dogs, trimming back Labrador toenails doesn’t intimidate me the way it used to. A set of good clippers and having a neighbor who worked as a groomer while between jobs has helped. Playing the dogs on a cement driveway minimizes the necessity and sitting and snipping on the nails periodically has kept all three of us comfortable with the process.  When working on the nails of Labrador retrievers and many other large dogs you need a sturdy set of clippers for their very thick nails.

What intimidates is the color of the nail—it’s mostly black and you can’t see the quick. This is why I’ve been lightly snipping the tips so I don’t have to worry about the quick.  The Conair Large Nail Clipper tackles those thick nails and the design provides a quick, responsive cutting action. Our rescue dog, however, arrived with a new grooming need, one we haven’t had to address with any of our previous labs. He has his dew claws.

The front dew claws seem fine and need no attention.  Perhaps the playing on the driveway keeps them short, or perhaps they don’t grow fast, but that’s not true with the back dew claws. I hadn’t been paying close attention to them until recently when it became apparent the claws were growing at the speed of bamboo, they were curling, and beginning to grow into the pads.  It was time for action on an ingrown dew claw.

It was my hope that this could be accomplished at home rather than taking him to our very expensive vet or to a groomer (that he would hate).  Sometimes I have to sing thank you songs to YouTube videos. Some of the DIY instruction videos have saved me a lot of money and there were two on clipping ingrown dew claws that bolstered my confidence. The emphasis was on making a fast cut once you determine the site of the cut.

The Conair Large Nail’s scissor action was up to the task. The blade easily slipped under one side of the sharply curled nail. The cut was clean, quick, and was over before he knew it happened. There was no need to use a file on rough edges although I did as a matter of accustoming him to the full process.

This is the scissor-style clipper. The smooth cutting action is controlled by a heavy-duty spring between the handles. The non-slip gel grip is padded the full length of both handles. It has a safety lock. The stainless steel cutting blade has a safety guard that helps prevent getting too close to your dog’s foot.  When holding this under the pads and cutting the toenails the safety guard keeps the blades off the pad. If necessary it can be disassembled for cleaning or sharpening.

The Conair Large Nail Clipper wasn’t the one that was originally recommended to me.  After buying it I suffered from a little buyer’s remorse.  With my receipt and unopened package in hand I walked into a groomer’s area to ask what they used to cut the nails of large dogs with thick nails. Several reached into their drawers and pulled out what they used.  Only one had the Miller Forge clipper (the one I was intending to buy but couldn’t find locally) and everyone else had the Conair Large Nail Clipper.

My blond lab and my lab/? mix have both grown comfortable with this grooming routine. They like the attention. I’m now comfortable with the need to monitor and snip if necessary our rescue dog’s dew claws thanks to the quick response of these sharp clippers.


Getting up my nerve with a youtube video.  Sometimes you’ve got to love these videos.

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