T-Fal Dutch Oven...Making Potato Salad was Never So Easy!

Mar 20, 2012
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Pros:*Large size *Easy to clean *Oven safe *Clear lid

Cons:*Heavy...but that is both a pro and a con

The Bottom Line: T-Fal Dutch Oven is a great pan for cooking soups, stews, rice and of course potato salad!

It amazes how old the pans I’ve been using are.  One of the ones I use most often is the dutch oven, because of its size I’ve used my old one for many, many years.  I do believe that it was either a wedding gift or was in a set that my husband and I bought right after we got married almost 36 years ago.  The other pans to the set have gone by the wayside but the dutch oven, even though it was used so much has held up but it sure looks like its been through a lot!

We recently decided that new pans were in order, especially since I’m back to cooking dinner every night.  One of the pans I really wanted was a good sized dutch oven and it having a non-stick interior was another requirement.  We bought the T-Fal 5 qt glass covered Dutch Oven and boy do I love it!

I will state that mine is the same as the picture except it is not the stainless steel exterior but rather has a red finish.  It came as a part of a 12 piece set from T-Fal.  While I love the color red this is more of an orange red and not exactly the color I would love it to be but everything else about this pan is great!

The pan itself is 5” tall, 10” across and has two black plastic (phenolic) handles.  The handles are attached with silver rivets and if they should come loose will not be able to be retightened.  I am hoping it will be many years before I face that problem and the sturdiness of these pans makes me believe that to be true.

The lid is a clear glass with silver banding around it.  The handle is the same phenolic black plastic held on with silver rivets.  There is also a small silver grommet that has a hole in the center so is a permanent steam escape valve.  The lid fits tightly onto the pan and doesn’t shake or slide around, even when the contents are boiling inside.

The T-Fal Dutch Oven is oven and dishwasher safe, making it a very versatile pan to use.  I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the thought of putting the pan in the oven but it is safe to 350 degrees.

While I can’t weigh the pan, it is fairly heavy and so feels as if it is going to be a strong and sturdy pan for a very long time.

My Feelings
I love this dutch oven.  It is clean and cleans up very easily.  It still looks brand new even though it has been used many times.

I love the depth of it because cooking potatoes for potato salad is so easy to do in it.  I never fear that it will boil over and it can hold a lot of potatoes!

I have a very old ceramic cook top stove that has four burners.  The problem I’ve had with this stove is that the burners take a long time to warm up and to cool down.  Trying to cook things like rice that require boiling and then a slow simmer is difficult so I always have to use two burners setting one high and the other much lower.  With my old pans I was never able to judge the cooking time of the rice because it just didn’t seem as if it would cook in the proper amount of time.  I have not had that problem at all since using the T-Fal Dutch Oven.  I bring it to boil, move it to the cooler burner and in 20 minutes my rice is ready. 

The pan seems to heat much more evenly and therefore I am able to count on cooking things without having to guess if they’ll get done or not.

I very highly recommend this dutch oven to anyone in the market for a nice looking, even cooking, large sized dutch oven.

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