Craftsman Bolt-On Jig Saw Attachment (CMCMTJS) Reviews
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Craftsman Bolt-On Jig Saw Attachment (CMCMTJS)

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Craftsman Bolt-On Jigsaw Attachment -- The Pro Review

Nov 25, 2012 (Updated Feb 8, 2013)
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Pros:-Compact and Maneuverable
-Economical part of the versatile Bolt-On system

Cons:-Slightly underpowered for tougher jobs

The Bottom Line: A useful addition to your collection of Craftsman Bolt-On attachments

I recently purchased the Craftsman Bolt-On base system and several of the add-on attachment tools. This review is for the Jig Saw attachment only.  Click here for The Pro Review of the base system, which includes the Bolt-On base, battery, charger, and drill/driver attachment.

Testing for the jigsaw attachment included cutting straight lines, curves, and a pocket cut in ¾” plywood and ½” pine boards.

== The Review ==
This attachment turns the Craftsman Bolt-On base into a compact jigsaw.  As with the other attachments I have tested, the saw snapped solidly into the base unit and felt like one piece when in use.  The tool is comfortable to use.  The shoe of the tool does not extend across the cutting path in front of the blade, meaning there is no guide line.  This actually can result in more accurate cuts as you have to sight your line on the blade rather than an inch in front of it, but takes a little bit of getting used to if you’re accustomed to that guide line.

One standard wood blade is included.  Replacements and additional blades for other materials are easily found at most any hardware or home improvement store.  A tool-free blade changing system makes changing blades quick and simple.  The blade is held securely—more so than on another standalone jigsaw I own.  I had no concern about the blade coming free while in use.

The compact size of the saw is nice—it is able to cut about a half-inch closer to a vertical barrier than my standalone jig saw can.

The saw has a .5” stroke length and variable speed ranging from 0 to 2,800 strokes per minute.  The stroke speed does not have a separate control—it is dependent on how far you pull the trigger on the base unit.
Testing Results
The saw handled the ½” pine board with no trouble at all.  I was able to cut nice curves and stay right on the line I had drawn.  Plunge cuts while doing the pocket cut test were achieved without the use of a pilot hole.
When cutting the ¾” plywood I did encounter some noticeable resistance when cutting on a line.  The saw was able to handle it just fine, but I had to go a little bit slower than with my standalone jigsaw.  The cuts all looked good though, and again no pilot holes were needed during plunge cuts.

== Conclusion and Rating ==
Overall, this jigsaw is fairly capable for most projects.  It is compact and maneuverable.  It does seem to have a lack of power compared to my standalone (corded) jigsaw—not enough to have prevented its use for anything so far, but I can imagine it struggling with more intensive applications.  I’d say it’s a useful piece of the Bolt-On collection of attachments, but not a must-have if you already have a regular jigsaw.  THREE stars for the Craftsman Bolt-On Jigsaw Attachment!

Thanks for reading this review! I hope it has been helpful and informative. If you'd like to contact me please visit or email the address in my profile.

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