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Cuisinart GC-17 Indoor Grill

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Mar 11, 2012
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Pros:Cooks and grills very well.
Easy clean up.
Less greasy hot dogs.

Cons:Standing in front of unit can become dangerous as unit gets extremely hot.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend the Cuisinart Griddle/Grill to anyone who can not use an outside grill.

I live in Georgia where we are surrounded by many lakes.
At times it gets very windy outside on my deck.
Using a charcoal grill is not only not practical but can be dangerous.

I saw the Cuisinart GC-17 grill on QVC and really liked what I saw.
I thought this appliance would be great for grilling steaks inside when I could not do it on my charcoal or gas grill outside.

I was quite pleased with the results  that I received from the grill.
The steaks were cooked perfectly, they even had grill marks that you get with outside grills.

I have tried other grills that you use inside but all I got was a house full of smoke.
The Cusinart Grill did not emit any smoke or nasty fumes.
I sprayed the griddle with cooking spray to make sure that my steaks would not stick, but I noticed that this was not necessary as the grill is non stick and nothing sticks.
It is made of cast iron that will keep most foods from sticking when cooked.
On one end of the grill is a small hole which allows the grease to go into a drip tray that is located underneath the grill.
This drip tray is removable and can be cleaned out easily with soapy water.

The grill can be flipped over and used as a griddle.
The griddle is great for making pancakes or for any food when a griddle is needed.

There is an adjustable temperature control that can be set from low, medium, high or completely shut off.
This is quite useful when you want to cook slowly or to just warm food up.
It has an indicator light that lets you know that the unit is on.
The griddle can get very hot and you would not want anyone touching the top part.

On the bottom is another portion that is a hot dog and a kabob cooker.
There are metal skewers that fit into slots which when the button is pressed the skewers will rotate cooking kabobs evenly on all sides.

It also comes with metal tubes that fit over the skewers and can be used for making hot dogs or small sausages.
They rotate and are cooked evenly on all sides, too.

An added feature is that when the bottom is turned on and rotating, the top griddle will also get hot.
This is great for toasting rolls or placing pans with vegetables or other side dishes as they cook along with the bottom foods.

I have cooked hot dogs and they reminded me of the ones I use to get from Woolworths when I was a child.
The grease drips into trays that are underneath, therefore making them a little more healthy.

Most parts of the griddle/grill are dishwasher safe.
I tend to wash them by hand as I prefer doing them this way.
The griddle was very easy to clean as well as all the attachments.

All and all I was very pleased with the performance of the Cuisinart Griddle/Grill.
Grilling outside on grills is better, but when the weather does not co-operate, this is the next best way to grill. 

There is one problem with this appliance care must be taken when this grill is on because the grill throws out a lot of heat.
Standing in front for long periods of time is not advised.
Children should not be allowed to stand near this grill because they not only can get burnt from touching the parts but this gets very hot from such high temperatures.


Top tier converts from a griddle to a grill.
Bottom comes with  10 piece skewers and 10 metal tubes for kabobs and hot dogs
Dishwasher safe
1700 Watts of Power Non stick griddle/grill
Adjustable Temperature Control Indicator Light Lets you know unit is on. 
Non stick cast iron for easy clean up
Drip Cup for grease
3 year warranty

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 125.00

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