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Curious George (DVD, 2006, Anamorphic Widescreen)

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Good Clean Movie for Kids

Feb 20, 2006
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Pros:George, great for kids, lessons learned, they all live happily ever after.

Cons:Not made for adults.

The Bottom Line: If you've got kids, this is one worth taking them to.

We took our two kids, ages 3 and 5, to see Curious George over the weekend. The book is based on the lovable children's books, written by H.A. Rey. While the movie is not based on any of the actual stories in the books, it holds true to the theme of the books.

The movie starts out with George in the jungle, with his curiosity leading to mischief and inevitably some trouble.

The scenes then shift to the man back in the city. You see how he became the man with the yellow hat as well as how George and he become friends as he must go on an expedition to the jungle looking for an artifact. If you go see it, check out the name of the ship that they travel on and see if you can figure out the significance.

When George returns to the city, his curiosity leads to more trouble on an entirely different level.

The man with the yellow hat returns with the artifact which is not quite what his boss thinks it is.

There are a lot of simple lessons that the movie teaches. The obvious one is that messing with things that are not your can sometimes lead to trouble.

On a deeper level is the lesson that friends/relationships are very important in this world. This is a lesson that the man in the yellow hat learns with George as well as with the young school teacher that is smitten with him.

Will Ferrell provides the voice of the man in the yellow hat. He does quite well, as the voice lends a tone of indecisiveness/incompetence at times to the character.

The young teacher's voice is provided by Drew Barrymore, who has more of a supporting role.

George of course never speaks in the movie.

The movie is not the computer generated type that is more common today such as Shrek. It is like the old Saturday morning cartoons. It is also nice in that it does not have any foul language, drugs, or sexual innuendo in it. It's just a good, clean, fun movie.

I did read in the paper that the movie was listed as one hour and forty minutes long. Including the previews, we were out of the theater in about 1'20". This was fine for the kids, our youngest was starting to get a little restless by this time. The events moved along at a quick pace, keeping their attention for the most part. They both talked about how much they liked it.

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