d-CON Ready Mixed Baitbits, 12-Ounce Boxes (1920000202) Reviews

d-CON Ready Mixed Baitbits, 12-Ounce Boxes (1920000202)

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Hate Mice and Rats? D-Con Mixed Baitbits=The Green Machine

Mar 19, 2012
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Pros:Effective, Easy to place, Kills Mice and Rats, Cheap

Cons:Be careful with this product

The Bottom Line: D-Con ready mixed baits: no work and dead rodents. Win Win.

I make no bones about it. Any mouse or rat that is within sight or even the potential of being close to me, is not going to last very long. No mercy at all. In fact, I was cheering Larry the Cable Guy shooting Nutria on "Only in America" the other day. While my new house does not have a mouse problem inside, like my cockroach and rodent loaded condo did from my formative years, it does have these creatures hanging out by the trashcans. Make that past tense, as they are no longer a problem. Our house is rodent free, and I am quite pleased to be without these vermin.

D-Con makes some damn fine products. All of their mouse and rat baits have worked, and these four packs of three ounces of poison, take care of business. All you have to do, is remove them from the main box, and set them up at various places. I've seen them in action, and it does not take long, to get rid of mice with these. In fact, its almost like seeing a spontaneous explosion. That's right, they implode due to internal bleeding, and I am proud to have taken out many rodents with D-Con's help. These packages are easy to lay out, and they all do have a safety seal on top of them.

The greenish-blue pellets look enticing to rodents, and so far I've scored quite a few kills around the garbage cans. Of course, do be careful with this product. Its harmful to pets, humans, everyone. That is why it is imperative to use extreme caution, have signs up, and also let other family members and friends know of the use of these. They are not a joke, because this is filled with bromobihenyl which is a rodent poison. This can obviously affect other creatures and people, so be wary of it. I've had to pick up a few of the pellets after the mice and rats(found next to them), are gone. Be sure to wear gloves, and also wash your hands.

These do not make much of a mess, and their small size, makes them easy to place around the affected areas. I think highly of this product, and its the best $5 I've ever spent. The mice and rats don't think that, but its kind of the point of these pellets. Other ingredients also include wheat, sucrose, propylene glycol, and green #7. Expect immediate results. Within 24 hours, you'll have dead mice and rats. That says its more than effective to me, and another reason why I'm happy to recommend them. Mice and rats are nasty creatures, and I hope they get their "just desserts." With this, they certainly do.       

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