Leather-Clad Ben Is A Red, Hot Daredevil

Feb 14, 2003 (Updated Feb 16, 2003)
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Pros:Jennifer Garner is pretty damn hot! If I could only trade places...

Cons:Too much for my eyes.

The Bottom Line: If you're just one of those people sick of Oscar caliber movies, then this is the movie for you.

I went into this movie with zero expectations. I don't know anything about the Marvel comic book and special effects don't make my day generally.

Let's face it. I went for the eye-candy factor.

The Bottomline
Daredevil is not a bad movie. Daredevil is not a great movie. Daredevil is okay. If you go into this thinking that it is another Spider-Man or Batman, then I think you will be disappointed.

Men will probably enjoy it more than women. Or sbould I say, those who are into comic books and lots of fighting, will enjoy this more than people who like to join hands and sing kum-ba-ya.

The Story
Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) grows up in a part of New York referred to as Hell's Kitchen. It's a rough neighborhood and it's just him and his father Jack (David Keith). Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, young Jack becomes blind. As if that isn't enough, Matt's father is murdered, leaving him all alone. Matt vows to seek revenge on those who murdered his father. He spends a great deal of time enhancing his other senses in order to compensate for the loss of his site.

Flash forward several years later. By day, Matt is a lawyer in New York, partners with his friend Frank (Jon Favreau). By night, he dresses in a red, leather outfit, taking justice into his own hands.

One day, while waiting to go to trial, Frank and Matt are sitting in a diner, having coffee. Matt senses the presence of an extraordinary woman (Jennifer Garner). After a bit of back and forth, she introduces herself as Elektra.

While Matt and Elektra get to know each other, we soon find out that New York has a major crime problem. The "Kingpin" (Michael Clarke Duncan) takes what he wants, when he wants, from whomever he wants. He's an evil man.

Do Matt and Elektra get to that lovin' part?
Does the Daredevil successfully seek revenge on his father's killer(s)?

All of these answers, and more, can be addressed if you choose to see the film.

The Scoop
I don't watch the television show Alias but now, I'm beginning to think that this has been a major mistake that I must correct soon. Jennifer Garner was fantastic as Elektra. I swear, the girl even had chemistry with the carpet she walked on. She oozed sexuality but yet could kick your a*ss. If JLo saw this movie, she's probably yelling at Ben now, asking him how long he and Jennifer were a "thing". I also really enjoyed her fight scenes - totally believable.

It's hard not to say that I was attracted to Ben Affleck's character. Both as the Daredevil and Matt Murdock, he did a find job of balancing the dark side with the warm and tender human side. Ben in leather - it's all good.

My husband asked me how Jon Favreau was. Jon, was Jon. Jon was there for Ben as the comic-relief-best-pal. Other than that, there wasn't much to him.

You know I love Colin Farrell. It just bothered me to see him play such a good bad guy. To his credit, he proves in this role that he can go from hot-hunk to killer villian with absolutely no issue.

I was not as impressed with Michael Clarke Duncan. I don't think that he brought any depth to his role as "The Kingpin". I guess I was expecting a range like what I saw with Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man.

Like I said, I'm not a follower of the comic book but according to my husband - a self-acknowledged geek boy - it does follow pretty close to the actual book.

So everything sounds good so far, doesn't it? Why then, only three stars?

I have major, mixed reactions in how the director, Mark Steven Johnson approached this film. On one hand, I really liked how he directed Ben and Jennifer. Also, in the scenes where Ben had to rely on his other senses, I think that Mr. Johnson brought something special to story. Where it all fell apart for me was in the fight scenes. I didn't care about them. They were, for the most part, very over the top and unnecessary.

One other thing that bothered me about the film is that visually, it was just too much for me. In the places where Mr. Johnson tried to make things a little high tech, my eyes started hurting after awhile.

The bonus to this movie is its awesome soundtrack which, I had to purchase moments after the movie ended. Watch for that review soon.

Daredevil is rated PG-13 for violence and some sensuality. Parents who are bothered by nakedness do not need to worry much about that in this movie. Violence wise, there is a lot of fighting and a great deal of blood shed.

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