DC Shoes Dyrdek Royal Low: There's A Bunny In My Shoe

Jul 3, 2012
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Pros:Comfortable fit, well made, color options, reasonable price.

Cons:Hard to find, getting the correct size was a pain.

The Bottom Line: While not the original DC pair I wanted, I'm impressed with it and will invest in more of Dyrdek's shoes.

In an average year I can go through two pairs of hikers and two pairs of trainers; even if I buy the expensive pair they are dead in the water in three to five months. Someone suggested checking out DC Shoes; I knew the name from living in San Diego as well as Alien Workshop. Some of the guys at the shop are skaters, no, not the kind that actually land their jumps, they are the ones you see falling a lot. They told me to try some of the Dyrdek designs to see if they last longer or gave me a better fit. One thing that I need is a shoe that is going to give me traction when I need it but not catch on surfaces and make me trip. The Royal Low's were a great starter pair and they performed so well that I'm going to invest in a couple of others in the famed Dyrdek collection.

You can get this in five different color choices; I went with basic black because the red and white ones are so totally not me and the other color options outside of the gray didn't appeal to me in the least. You might end up with some lint or fuzz showing on the black ones but it's easily removed with a lint roller. I am thinking about getting the gray ones to have something a little lighter in color so I can rock my cargo shorts and be somewhat color coordinated. The tread on the bottom is minimal, it isn't as deep as I like it but I don't slip or lose my balance in them. They are super comfortable whether you lace them tight or leave slack and there's a clean design to them. The DC logo is on the side tag but it isn't huge so you don't feel like you are a walking advertisement for the brand although I do admit, it is pretty cool to see the logo on the bottom in the dirt or sand.

I wasn't expecting much from a $50.00 pair of skate shoes; I was impressed with the feel of them and the grip on the bottom but it was the ease of lacing that had me hooked. Since I don't need to bother with the left foot, I could get the right one on and laced in a matter of seconds. Even with lacing the left shoe tight and tucking in the slack of the shoelace, the shoe kept its original form. I did have to get my prosthetic adjusted when I got these; my prosthetic is set up to accommodate a 3/8th inch heel and this is on the flat side like a Converse All-Star. The white bottoms do get scuffed but for me that isn't a big deal. I wear my shoes, they aren't something that I dote over and clean three times a week. The only thing I would do to improve these is to add reinforced eyelets, other than that they are worth checking out if you need something comfortable. I have put about 200 miles on the pair I am currently wearing and from the look of the bottoms I might be able to eek out another 50 to 75 miles before they are going to need replaced. I learned the hard way to not wait until the last minute to get 'new' shoes because that usually means you won't find anything you like or the sizes are going to be wrong.

And speaking of size, you can get these in sizes 5 through 13 with half sizes available for 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. Since I have wide feet [well, a wide foot] I usually get mens shoes because they have a better fit and there's usually a nicer, less girlie, color selection. I'm torn between ordering another pair of these or getting the slightly higher priced Flawless [$70.00] in pure black. I like the fact that a lot of the Dyrdek shoes have color options but most of them aren't for me. I'm glad that I went out on a limb [did you catch that amazing pun] and tried these; now I know why so many people rave about DC Shoes and in particular the Dyrdek series.

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