Deadly Premonition 2010 for Xbox 360

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A tribute to videogames everywhere

Jun 2, 2012
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Pros:Amazing story
Can play several time through

Cons:Weak graphics when compared to other console games

The Bottom Line: Just try the game. I would be surprised if someone didn't find something to enjoy about this one.

It's really hard with where or what to begin talking about when it comes to this game, because it's a tribute to video games everywhere and to a genera of video games that is slowly dieing out.
I would like to think of Deadly Premonition as one of the last few truly creative games that has come out in the market over the past few years. I don't know if it's how wacky the game is, or, if even for all it's joke-like characteristics it's still totally the most realistic game I've played in a long time.

Deadly Premonitions reminds me of playing on my PlayStation 2. I mean this with both the quality of the story in the game, and how ridiculous the graphics are for a console that can obviously do a whole heck of a lot more. But, when you play they game you'll realize that that's sort of the point. There's a lot of mystery and exploring in this game, as you play as a Detective who literally has schizophrenia and talks to a dude named "Zack" (which is suppose to be you, the person playing the game). Now, as weird as that may sound, this has been implemented with hilarity and is in no way dark or macabre - that's the rest of the game. The game also works on a time scale, and is day and night activated. It sort of reminds me of Silent Hill 3 at times, where one second you'll be in a totally normal part of town, and then suddenly it will turn into this really creepy version of itself full of even creepier monsters making weird sounds. For a ridiculous game, there are some very none ridiculous parts to play. All the while you're on this time-frame to solve these grizzly murders, and this story is totally worth seeing through to the end. Their are a lot of great things going on, and you can choose to play the game straight foreword, or you can choose to use the time between each task you have to complete to do side quest and learn more about just how insane the town and the people in it are. Oh, and did I mention you can spy on people through their home windows and watch them do things in their house? Totally realistic, super-weird, but sometimes super-hilarious. A lot of people have noted that the story line and feel of this game is akin to the show "Twin Peaks." If you've ever watched Twin Peaks, all I have to say is the game even falls back on the hilarious cheesy music to make it seem so small-town and obnoxious. If you haven't seen the show, do it, and then play this game. Or don't, either way the music for Deadly Premonition is great.

All I know is that Deadly Premonition, to me, made a point: You don't need millions of dollars to make a game look "nice," you just need a creative group of people to come together and make games like they use to. Action, adventure, mystery, shooting zombies in the face, exploring, comedy, and sometimes a little bit of creepy fear tingling in the back of your neck. This game has everything that players actually want, but with none of the fanfare and pretending. I think that more people should accept the quirks and see them for the hilarious jokes that I'm positive the creators wrote them in for.
Oh. And these guys deserve a medal for initially selling the game at 20$ when it came out, like the good ol' days.

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