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Dec 4, 2001
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Pros:Real death

Cons:REAL death

The Bottom Line: Lots of un-faked death footage for your "enjoyment." Either see it...or avoid it like the plague. Your choice.

Get out the puke bucket, baby...here's another disturbing trip into the world of real death, filled with blood, guts, mucho disturbing footage, and quite a bit of interesting stuff...but ONLY and I emphasize ONLY!!!!! if you can handle real death explicitly shown on tape.

This follow up to the cult fave DEATH SCENES(which was hosted by Anton La Vey, writer of the Satanic Bible), follows in that films footsteps in providing the morbidly curious with even more ultraviolent, extreme, and very graphic footage of actual human death, destruction and mutilation. Unlike most so-called "shockumentaries," this film doesn't include ANY faked sequences. Everything you see here is 100% genuine footage of real life gore, and is obviously going to be too outrageous and explicit for many viewers. If you have a strong stomach, and a curiosity for such footage, however, you will definitely have an interesting view.

The film basically follows a timeline of the 20th century, going through all time periods, and with each stop, providing some footage. We start out with a look at the 20th centuries conflicts, starting with World Wars I and II. This grainy footage includes some of the most incredibly graphic war footage I guarantee you will ever see. No, you won't see this kind of stuff on the History Channel. We see nasty dead bodies, rare archival footage of combat, and really gruesome photos of war injuries. This footage is actually among the most interesting on the tape, simply because it is SO graphic. Unlike the toned-down footage you'll see on television documentaries, this is the real deal, raw, graphic and uncensored, and includes some fascinating stuff, for those who can stomach it.

Next we are treated to gangster era crime photos, similar in concept to the first DEATH SCENES tape, which was a videotaped look at the photographic archives of a 1930's crime photographer. More war footage takes us to the "forgotten war" in Korea, and again, this footage is very interesting. After this, we are shown one of the classic driver's ed videos showing the often gruesome aftermaths of car accidents, this one entitled "Signal 30." This short film is shown in its entirety, and although graphic in nature, I really wasn't too interested in this mini film. It wasn't overly interesting, and I would rather have seen some more of the war time footage.

A look at the 1960's shows the viewer a chronicle of the various assassinations that took place. A few autopsy photos of J.F.K. are shown along with the oft-seen Zapruder film of the assassination, as well as photos of Lee Harvey Oswald, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King in death. Graphic footage of the Vietnam war comes next, including the ritual immolations of Buddhist monks(NOT the fake footage shown in MONDO CANE 2, either), and the infamous footage of South Vietnamese general Nguyen shooting a Vietcong prisoner in the street, complete with the blood literally spurting out of the prisoner's head (when I first saw this footage a few years ago, it was easily one of the most disturbing things I had ever seen, and it is still damn nasty). Riots and civil unrest are also "highlights" in this film's look at the 1960's.

After this we get another look at crime and criminals, culminating in graphic, uncensored photos of the Manson family murder crime scenes. Although these photos are of questionable quality, they are original photos of the victims, including actress Sharon Tate, and are very nasty, bloody, and disturbing. Notable celebrity deaths are next on the tape, including the graphic footage of Vic Morrow's virtual decapitation during the filming of 1984's TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE, the result of a freak accident involving heavy pyrotechnics, and a helicopter. Mexico's death magazines are next on the agenda, and we are shown various bloody crime scene photos, readily available to the public at newstands in Mexico. The tape concludes with a montage of newsreel footage, including a rodeo mishap, racing accident, convenience store robbery, people jumping from a burning building, plane crash, a stoning in Africa (which is VERY disturbing), and another of the nastiest sights I've ever had the pleasure of viewing, PA state treasurer R. Budd Dwyer's suicide, which was recorded live on TV. If you've never heard about this one, you're probably better off. It is just nasty as he almost takes his head off with a shot from a pistol, and his whole blood supply quickly exits his body. SICK!!

For those of you out there who want something really nasty, violent, disturbing gorey, bloody, or just plain SICK, DEATH SCENES 2 is just the thing for you. There is some interesting footage here, but believe you me it is VERY graphic and extremely violent. Honestly, I think this DEATH SCENES series is one of the better ones to check out if you're interested, and it's definitely better than that sack of crap FACES OF DEATH and its abundance of faked footage and complete bullsh**.


If you don't think you can handle extremely, and I really do mean EXTREMELY graphic gore, then by all means AVOID THIS ONE AT ALL COSTS!!! You have been warned...

By The Way-- For anyone who is interested in DEATH FILMS...may I recommend the "bible" on the subject, KILLING FOR CULTURE: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF DEATH FILM FROM MONDO TO SNUFF by David Kerekes and David Slater, a completely indispensable book for the death film enthusiast.

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