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DeLonghi EW7507EB Heater

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DeLonghi Electric, Oil-Filled Radiator Heater With Safe Heat Technology~

Feb 28, 2013
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Pros:heats well without overheating; Anti-Freeze protection; remote control

Cons:fumes if not burned off well; slow heat; using timer...

The Bottom Line: This heater comes in all black, which looks nice but the display area needs more lighting.

My old Lakewood oil-filled heater gave me about seven good years and then its wheel thermostat fell off and the lower-setting button stopped working. So while the higher-setting button continues to work very well, I decided it was time to buy a safer heater. Lakewood seems to have stopped making them and so I went with the most popular oil-filled radiator that has Safe Heat Technology, specifically the DeLonghi EW7507EB.

I was most concerned to read from a reviewer that it first needed hours of burning off the toxic fumes in a well-ventilated place so there would be no pungent smell with further use. When I received it I had the construction crew boss out in my apartment building’s office area turn it on next to the door going outside and when I returned for it he said he smelled no fumes from it. Well, I did. I turned it on with the “ON MODE” as he instructed and left the room for my bedroom. Eventually I started smelling fumes and discovered that they were coming from the heater. I turned it off, unplugged it for some minutes, plugged it back in, and tried the same mode button, but didn’t turn up the heat. Manually you can increase it to ninety-five degrees.

I didn’t smell more fumes, but it never heated up my room much, either. The night was the most frigid of the season, fifteen below zero or more, and I had to use my old Lakewood. The next day I tried to figure out the digital clock and timer, but that just resulted in it not doing anything because you need a flashlight if you want to see anything- and that’s still not much help. It’s a dark gray background with all black numbers or graph (which refer not to the temperature, but percentage of power usage) with red lights telling you if it’s working or maintaining heat.

So for a few weeks I’ve just used the DeLonghi EW7507EB manually. There’s a remote control with it and I thought that would come in handy if I didn’t want to leave my warm bed. Unfortunately you need to be facing the heater within a yard to either turn the heat up or down or off or to turn on the Safe Heat Technology that prevents overheating or your room temperature going below forty one degrees (Anti-Freeze).

There haven’t been more fumes since that first use and it’s keeping my bird warm next to my kitchen, although I forgot to turn it up one night, which requires individuals clicks on the remote control, and in the morning it was very chilly. My Lakewood heats up much more quickly than the DeLonghi and so it came to the rescue again. I don’t know if the latter’s safer, slower heat is helping with my electric bill, but I’ve noticed that my high-ceilinged apartment doesn’t become uncomfortably warm in the night and make me awaken and throw off a blanket. That’s good. I’m sleeping better.

This oil-filled heater will never need more oil and has very handy roller wheels of DeLonghi design in front and back. There’s also a place to store the cord, a year’s warranty on parts and a toll-free number to call for service. The instruction manual cautions against trying to fix a problem yourself. I won’t say the timer doesn’t work, but I have no patience to try to figure it out (even with instructions in four languages) and, besides, the temperature is never close to the same from day to day here in Nebraska, nor the wind speed, so a timer really isn’t useful for me. If I did want to use it the numbers and graph should light up (and without glare). I do have a digital thermostat with the central heating system I very rarely use and that tells me the apartment’s temperature, but without it I wouldn’t know it from this heater. That’s annoying. Other customers may not have a digital or regular thermostat handy.

Now I do use another oil-filled radiator from WindQuest, which is smaller and less effective than the Lakewood and without the Safe Heat Technology of the DeLonghi EW7507EB. I’ve put it in my bedroom and didn’t turn its thermostat wheel to the maximum setting last night (in the low twenties), making it chillier getting up. Note that the DeLonghi’s maximum level doesn’t need to be used most of the time even in Nebraska.

I ordered this through with free Prime shipping at a decent price. It’s not a perfect oil-filled heater, but is working well. Just be sure to burn off the fumes for many hours in a well-ventilated place before using it.

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