Denise Austin - Shrink Your Female Fat Zones (VHS, 2003) Reviews
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Denise Austin - Shrink Your Female Fat Zones (VHS, 2003)

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Fast, effective workout

May 28, 2008
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Pros:Fast, effective, great results

Cons:Denise talks a lot, doesn't cue well

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get toned and lose inches.

I bought this workout on a recommendation from my sister. She absolutely loves Denise Austin and she has most of her workouts and she said that this one really works, so I tried it out. First of all, I have to say, if you don't like Denise Austin because she talks to much or doesn't cue well enough, then don't buy this. It is a good workout and will give you results, but she is still Denise Austin and is still going to do the same things that she does in her other videos.
On the other hand, if you like her or don't mind her endless talking, I would definitely give this one a try. I am in pretty good shape, but this workout did leave me feeling sore the next day, mostly from the lower body excercises. She goes through the workout working the arms, thighs, buns and abs, trying to rotate them(except the abs) so that you're not working the same muscle groups in a row. You do need weights that you use throughout the workout, so make sure you have those handy. She does a good job of explaining the technique of the excercise WHILE you're doing it, so it might be helpful to watch the video once before doing it, just so you can make sure you're doing it correctly.
The video markets itself as 2 20 minute workuts, but there is not clear cut "end" to the first one. You will have to do stretches on your own if you decide not to go on the second part of the video, which requires use of an excercise ball.
Overall, this video is effective. You will lose inches and look more toned if you do it a few times a week, although I would make sure that you rest at least one day in between workouts to let your muscles heal. This workout is good for beginners or for people who just want to get more toned.

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