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Dirt Devil M083410 - Red - Stick Cleaner

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Can this Dirty Devil get clean?

Jul 31, 2012
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Pros:easy to use, light

Cons:doesn't stand by itself; is loud

The Bottom Line: I like this glorified broom. It fits easily in my small hall closet. I use it often for dog hair, sand, and crumbs.

To make a long story short I spent several months at my mom’s condo in Florida when she fell and broke her knee. She had someone clean her apartment but I canceled her and cleaned it myself. This was when I was introduced to the Dirt Devil Bagless Stick Vacuum.

Let’s take a look:

I do not consider The Dirt Devil a vacuum cleaner for a rug. In fact the instruction manual I have says that it is for all types of hard floors. I read reviews elsewhere and people were trying to vacuum rugs with this.

The condo was all tiled except for one bedroom that had thick carpeting. I wouldn't think of using the Dirt Devil M083410 Bagless Stick Vacuum to vacuum that room. However, for the tile it works like a charm. Now that it lives in my house the same goes. I have tile and hardwood floors on which this is used.

Features I like:

It is bagless meaning it has a plastic canister that gets emptied. During my time there I didn’t fill up the canister with dirt (I was alone and am pretty clean!) but I have emptied it many times since having had a Pomeranian!

It's very easy to use and probably will sound more complicated if I go into intricate details. I'll just say that I separate the body of the vacuum while over a wastebasket. A filter gets taken out and emptied.

It is very light weighing in at around 4 pounds and measures 6 inches high by 8 inches wide by 20 inches long. It is easy to move around and fits in my small hall closet.

A tool called a crevice tool comes with it so I get up the crumbs that fall between the living room couch since I always ate in that room in Florida. With two puppies now there are crumbs everywhere. It is so easy for me to take out the Dirt Devil and clean up.  

It costs about $25.00, which I think is very reasonable for essentially a super upgraded electric broom. I am not going to pretend it is more than that.

The cord is short coming in at 14 feet. I know that is a peeve for many. Since I am rarely vacuuming a whole room it isn't an issue for me.

It has what is called a quick cord release. This feature isn't necessary but it's a perk. The cord wraps around two plastic pieces. The one at the bottom turns and releases the cord so I don't have to unwind it.

What I don't like:

It is loud. I didn't notice it until I read some reviews. I was by myself in Florida so it wasn't an issue. The noise scared Hanna, our dog who passed away, but not our puppies. If there is a baby in the same room it will wake up the baby.

It doesn't stand by itself. When I am not using it I lean it against a wall in the closet but when I was using it and want to take a break I find that I have to put it down flat or really work at leaning it in a way that it won't move.

It has a one-year limited warranty.

Jo’s Final Thoughts:

For $25.00 I like the red Dirt Devil Stick Vacuum better than using a broom and having to sweep up dirt. Whenever I used to try to clean up my Pomeranian’s hair I would end up with much of it blown around the room rather than in the dirt pan. The Dirt Devil does pick up dust and small crumbs. I do not use it where there is carpeting. It is not meant for that. I am recommending it for small jobs. For me it is much more convenient than anything else I have used.

I am giving the Dirt Devil 4 stars not because it is an above average vacuum but because I prefer it to a broom, which could cost me close to the same amount of money (or more - I saw a broom for $60!)

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 25.00

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