Dr. Archibald D. Hart - The Anxiety Cure: You Can Find Emotional Tranquility and Wholeness

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Anxiety Cure

Mar 13, 2001
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Pros:Helps change your thinking habits, and helps break those worring habits

Cons: NONE!

The Bottom Line: Great for panic patients, or family members.

The book The Anxiety Cure is by Dr. ARchibald D. Hart. You can buy this book online or at your local book store.

I bought the book because I suffer from agoraphobia and generalized anxiety. This book has helped me. Yes I still have the problem, but I feel the more knowledge we can get about our problem, then better we become.

The book is about Methods of dealing with worry, stress, and panic attacks. Instead of relying on medication and psychotherapy, you will learn to change your lifestyle by
resolving conflict more efficiently, resting more throughtout the day, meditatin and praying, seeking out humor and challenging counterproductive habits of thinking.

The book contains 18 chapters. Here are the chapters in order and what they deal with

chapter 1 The anxiety Revolution-which tells you about anxiety and gives you a anxiety symptom checklist, and tells you how common your anxiety problems are. You realize you are not alone. Many americans suffer from this.

Chapter 2 The GABA-Anxiety Connection Which deals with talking about "good stress" and how to restore your thoughts that you are going crazy.

Chapter 3 Power Over Panic is about telling you other famous people who suffer from this, and what exactly panic disorders are. It also goes into the discussion on phobias. My favorite part of this chapter would be what you can do to prevent panic attacks.

Chapter 4 Is the treatment of panic anxiety disorders.Talks about medication and different kinds of therapy treatments.

chapter 5 When and how to use your antianxiety medications. Which talks about all the medications and their side effects. and To start treatment early when you notice that you have a problem.

Chapter 6 When and how to stop a tranquilizer. Talks about the proper way of stoping your medicine and when you should .

Chapter 7 Enhancing your natural tranquilizers. Tells you have to enhance your own natural tranquilizers and the foods and drinks taht will reduce and increase your natural tranquilizers.

chapter 8 Changing your thinking habits. It deals with how to stop that bad thinking pattern and make it more positive.

chapter 9 Rest and Relaxation IT tells you the differnce between the two and how to perform them everyday.

chapter 10 Dealing with Overstress Talks about signs of to much stress and when stress becomes a problem.

chapter 11 A seven week plan for breakign the worry habit. Just like title of this sounds, it h elps you realize why you worry and how to break yourself from doing to much of it.
chapter 12.The anxiety-depression connection. This chapter talks about which one comes first and how to deal with it. and how different things in your life affect this and how to get treatment and when too.

chapter 13 Fighting your fears. Talks about causes of phobias, kinds of phobias and how to approach recovery.

chapter 14 Sleep Tranquillity talks about sleeping problems, and how to get a better nights sleep.

If you have anxiety or know someone who does, then I would buy this book. It will help you understand what you or your loved one is going through.

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