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Dynex DX-NPWLMSE Wireless Optical Mouse

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Dynex (DXNPWLMSE) USB Wireless Mouse: A no-frills, uninspiring yet reasonably competent travel-mouse

Jun 12, 2012
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Pros:Nano receiver, relatively smooth basic mouse, very inexpensive

Cons:Cheap stark design, hard plastic construction, not terribly comfortable

The Bottom Line: You probably won't fall in love with it, but as a dirt cheap back-up or an occasional travel mouse it has its place.  

About a year or so ago I was in the nearby Best Buy to pick up a couple of USB Flash Drives that were on sale when I came across the Dynex USB Wireless Mouse.  I did little more than notice it featured a small nano-receiver and was on sale for just $6.99.  At a price that low I didn’t need to do any research.  I just put it in my cart.
At least a couple of years ago my wife or daughter was using one of our Gateway laptops equipped with a Logitech V220 USB Mouse.  Somehow when she was carrying the machine to a new location the almost 2” dongle caught the edge of a doorway I suspect and not only broke the dongle, but tore out the USB port.  So now this PC that was once a 4-USB port machine was now a 3-USB machine.

I replaced the mouse with a Bluetooth mouse, but techno-challenged Mrs. Xeno always seems to have issues with Bluetooth devices.  Her misadventures with her Bluetooth ear-piece seem unique to her.  So, rather than use a mouse, she seemed content using the laptops track pad.  Since she doesn’t use her laptop for hours on end I guess she didn’t mind.  Using track pads for any length of time drives me mad.  Just a personal preference but a strong one at that.

Dynex (DXNPWLMSE) USB Wireless Mouse
 Removed from its blister pack, this Dynex Wireless Mouse measures 3 ¾” x 2 ¼” x 1 ¼”.  It’s constructed from a hard, matte gray black plastic that gives it a stark cheap look to it.  The mouse is totally symmetrical and on each side there are dimples stamped into it that never really come into play.
This Dynex mouse comes with no software and utilizes the stock Windows drivers.  The functions on this mouse are basic.  It has left/right click and a scroll wheel that can be depressed for scrolling for “power” scrolling in either the horizontal or vertical direction.
Flipping it over you find an on/off switch and the usual flickering red laser.  The mouse requires 1 AA battery that Dynex claims will last for up to 6 months.  My experience has been that it tends to need a new battery every 2 – 3 months.  That’s not too bad given that no one here ever turns the mouse off.

In Use
The mouse offers one resolution of 1250 dpi that I find to be a fair compromise for a general purpose mouse.  It mates to its nano-receiver well and tracks accurately.  The cheap construction of the outer casing will be obvious when you go to left or right click.  Although it registers clicks accurately there is an empty cheap sensation to it.  Use of the scroll wheel yields a similar sensation.  It works, but it just doesn’t feel very good.

For short periods there’s nothing objectionable here.  But, when used for hours at a time, I find the long, narrow, low profile and the hard plastic construction of this mouse tiring.  It’s not terrible, but it’s just not all that pleasant.

 Bottom Line
 It’s pretty hard to argue about a $7 mouse that seems to do all the basics competently.  This isn’t a mouse that I think users will fall in love with especially if they’re at the computer for hours, but as a dirt cheap back-up or an occasional travel mouse it has its place.  So, for at least these purposes I can recommend it even if I do so without any great amount of enthusiasm.  Would I spend $20 or more for it?  Very probably not.

Mrs Xeno’s take?  She seems content with the track pad even when the nano-receiver is installed.  She can’t seem to master keeping track of where she left the mouse last.


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Amount Paid (US$): 6.99

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