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Dyson DC35 Animal - Blue Gray - Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Not Exactly What I Expected

Jul 27, 2011
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Pros:holds suction, light weight, easy to use

Cons:loud, power handle

The Bottom Line: I am very happy with how well this has worked for me on all types of flooring

After moving into our current home I started looking for a small hand held vacuum for my steps. Our steps are steep and it is a pain to try and drag my vacuum up and down them to clean. I own two Dyson vacuums already and have been happy with how they have worked for me overall. I liked the concept behind the Dyson DC35 Slim Stick and picked one up when I found it.

When I got home I went to work putting the Dyson DC35 Slim Stick together. It is simple to put together since the pieces all snap into one another. I attached the docking station to the wall and attached my extra accessories to it. All you have to do is plug in the docking station and it starts charging right away. I advice charging this at least four hours before using it the first time. This stick vacuum is super light weight at 4.96 pounds with the long each wand and motorized floor tool. This measures 44.1 l x 9.1 w x 11.8 h when using this to sweep up your kitchen or bathroom floors.

When it comes to ease of use this has got to be the lightest and easiest slim stick vac I have ever used. Once the stick is charged simply take it off of the docking station and it is ready to use. To start using this grab a hold of the handle which is the power button and start vacuuming. Above the handle is where the dual power mode is located. To change the power from high constant to Max all you have to do is tap the button twice. I use this under high constant mode the most since you can use this up to fifteen minutes of high powered suction which is the perfect amount of time to get my kitchen done in or two bathrooms. I do so love the motorized floor tool the head swivels and turns just like the Dyson ball to get into small and tight spaces. I am able to get underneath tables and under my bed without having to move anything. This even gets behind my toilet and I am not just moving dog hair and dirt around my floor like I was with a broom. This has a ton of suction and can pick up dog hair, salt, sand, glitter and so much more off of multiple types of floors. This does not loose suction when going from linoleum and wood to carpeting.  When the canister is filled up there is a small red button beside it that has a trashcan on it that you simply push down and empty into your trash can.

- Features -

1.) Dyson digital motor

2.) root cyclone technology

3.) dual-power mode

4.) 22.2 Volt lithium-ion battery

5.) motorized floor tool with carbon-fiber brushes

6.) detachable long reach wand

7.) multi-floor flexibility

8.) extension hose

9.) mattress tool

10.) crevice tool

11.) combination accessory tool

I use this in MAX mode for my steps so that I know it is getting up all of the dog hair and dirt from my dogs going up and down the steps. The suction is more powerful than I ever imagined and has even made my front door way that is a light tan color look new again. Pulling out some dried mud that my dogs dragged in when going out in the rain. This has also done an amazing job of cleaning off my ceiling fan and blinds with the combination accessory tool attached. I have also been able to clean my air vents so much easier than I ever was able to before. No more small ladders or feather wands that get dust and dirt everywhere when trying to clean. I have not had a chance to use the mattress tool or the extension hose. I have had great luck with all of the rest of the tools that came with this slim stick.

This does as it says and holds its suction for a good 13 to 15 minutes when I use it with the motorized floor tool on high constant mode and 8 to 10 minutes on Max mode. I would have to say my only complaint is that it is a pain to hold the power button down the entire time you are using the slim stick. My hand starts to cramp up after a while of holding it so tight. I wish that this would of had an on/off switch like all of the rest of the Dyson products do. I have been using this stick vacuum for a couple of months and have not had a loss of suction no matter what I have picked up and cleaning and storage of the parts could not be easier. I am very happy with how well this works and compact it is. I will say though that this is loud and reminds me of my husbands drill. With a two year warranty I am not worried about if something happens though with Dyson I just do not see that happening.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 299

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