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Dyson DC35 Animal - Blue Gray - Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Dyson Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum

Feb 21, 2012
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Pros:Cordless, light-weight, easy to use, strong suction, removes fine dust and animal hair

Cons:Rather expensive

The Bottom Line:

A vacuum that easily maneuvers around and under furniture, picks up fine dust, dirt, animal hairs and is much easier to grab than pulling out my larger vacuum cleaner.

My youngest daughter and son-in-law gave me the Dyson DC35 Bagless Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner for Christmas and I love it. I'd used my daughter's Dyson when helping her clean her house during her pregnancy and kept commenting on how wonderful it was to pick up dog hair (she has pets, I don't). Since I baby sit my new granddaughter, they decided to buy me one for Christmas. I'm a free baby-sitter and they wanted to give me something I liked plus something a little more expensive than usual. Who was I to argue with such logic?

My son-in-law attached the docking station in my office and after 3 hours of charging, I had to use it. I could wait no longer. The family was here and with all the tromping in and out, I figured my floors needed a bit of cleaning. Everyone was properly impressed and after 2 months of use, I reach for it more than I do my Kirby.

The docking station is attached with 2 screws and the hand held part of the vacuum slips into a sleeve and locks as it charges. Below the docking station are the attachments where they're out of the way but within easy access.

What I love:
It's light-weight, 4.9 lbs, and when you have arthritis in your hands, this is something you really appreciate. I can hold my “almost” 6 month old granddaughter on my left hip and push the Dyson stick with my right hand. I have laminate flooring and I have a large area rug in my living room which needs vacuuming daily so this “stick” is much easier to use for quick cleaning.

As stated above, I don't have pets and it's just me and my husband (and granddaughter 3-4 days and nights a week) so we don't have a lot of dirt but still, with two people, we have more of the fine dirt that seems to creep into homes. I use it daily on the regular setting on my laminate flooring and the area rug. Dyson says I can get around 13 minutes on this setting and that seems about right. I try to run the charge down but don't always succeed.  Max cleaning time is around 8 minutes but I rarely use this feature. I've heard it's best to let batteries expire on small machines, or appliances, rather than keep them charging all the time. 

The motor automatically runs on "regular" unless you push the MAX button located behind the motor when you want to use it.

The tank is clear and I can see when it needs emptying. There's no bags to mess with and cleaning is a snap. It opens with the push of a button and once you've emptied it, it snaps shut and is ready to use again.  I'm very neat and clean around my house and am constantly amazed at how much dirt this Dyson stick can pick up.

The narrow head of the vacuum is easy to maneuver so I'm able to get around and under furniture and my counters. I don't have to move my bar stools when cleaning as the head goes under them with ease as it does with my dining room table and chairs. I really love this feature as it can go where no vacuum has gone before. I can tilt the head and extension pole to get underneath my buffet table, sofa and other pieces of furniture.

When using the Dyson stick as a hand held vacuum, it's easy to attach the brush and crevice tool when I need these features.  Just snap them in and they're ready to go.  I use the brush for quick cleaning on my recliners and sofa for dusting the top of certain pieces of furniture. I've not used the crevice tool that much but on the occasions I have, it can pick up spilled Smarties just as good as my Kirby. I actually prefer my Kirby and it's attachments when it comes to deep cleaning.

It does a very good job of picking up dirt on my area rugs and carpet in my bedrooms.  At my daughter's house, with her dogs, I'd use the Max setting to clean her area rugs and boy, would it pick up the dog hair.   

What I don't like:
Even though the Dyson stick is lightweight, when it comes to cleaning around the crown moulding in my house, it's still too heavy for me to use due to the arthritis in my hands.  You can remove the floor tool and add the brush, or crevice tool, to the pole extension and holding the handheld part of the vacuum, clean ceilings and such.  It's too heavy for me to use in this fashion which is why I prefer my Kirby when it comes to heavy duty cleaning.

There's no on/off button.  The trigger is placed where you hold the vacuum (behind the tank) so I have to constantly depress it.  Releasing the trigger ensures the vacuum turns off.  My arthritic "trigger finger" can get tired after several minutes of holding it in to keep the vacuum running.  I wish Dyson would change this or at least offer consumers the choice of buying with (or without) an on/off button.

The filter is made of heavy-duty plastic and is washable so no need to buy filters.  So far, I've just kept mine brushed clean but if you have heavier dirt, it may need washing frequently.

When you lose power, you lose power immediately and it takes around 3 hours to get a full charge so if you need to do a lot of cleaning, use your larger vacuum cleaner.  I consider the Dyson stick to be more of a daily quick cleaner when you're in a hurry and don't want to pull out your larger vacuum cleaner.  That being said, it does a marvelous job of sucking up the dirt and leaving your floors free of dirt and debris. 

Forget letting the Dyson stick stand alone.  It won't.  No matter where I put it, it falls down.  When not charging, I keep it leaned against a book shelf in my office where the floor is carpeted.

Overall, it is an expensive machine for only a few minutes of use at a time but it beats sweeping floors and you don't have dust flying through the air.  I rarely use my broom anymore and don't miss it in the least.  It's one of the best Christmas presents I've received in a long time and I have no doubts I'll be using my Dyson Handheld Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner for many years to come.

Charging time- Around 3 hours
Regular cleaning- More or less, 13 minutes.
Max cleaning – More or less, 8 minutes.

Digital motor, motorized floor tool with carbon fiber brushes, docking station, 22.2V lithium-ion battery, root cyclone technology, extension wand and accessory kit which has one smaller brush and a crevice tool.

Weight: 4.96 lbs
Dimensions: 11.8” x 9.1” x 44.1”
Tank capacity: 0.09 gallon

2-year warranty on parts and labor

Cost: $300

Definitely yes


ddustyrose February 21, 2012

HAAN Upright Steam Cleaner

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): $300

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