Work as advertised! Best wifi extender I've used.

Nov 27, 2012
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Pros:easy setup via lan.  IT JUST WORKS!

Cons:can't think of one.

The Bottom Line: Best wifi extender (out of 4) I've used.

If you wish to extend your wifi without running any wire, this is the device.  I've tried 4 different wifi extenders.  First one, I turned a netgear router running ddwrt into a "bridge".  It was very painful to setup.  Second one required  running cable, and the 3rd one is a no name brand which worked with my old dlink router.  Recently I upgraded my cable modem/router.  The no-name brand extender was not connecting at full speed.  Upon more research, I decide to give Edimax ew-7438rpn.  This is my fourth one.  By all means, the Edimax extender far exceeds my expectation in terms of setup and performance.  An FYI, my current router is Motorola SBG6580.

The instruction that came with this extender may confuse people.  I recomend setting up with lan cable.  I tried setting up with WPS and via wifi, and both gave me problem.  With WPS, you don't really know what's going on except the blinking LEDs.   With wifi, I can't access the admin web interface of the extender.  Instead of wasting time, I pluged a network cable in.  Bring up a browser and get into the setup web interface of the extender.  Follow the "iQ wizard", which basically enters your  wireless router ssid, access key.  Reboot the extender.  Voila!  The extender works!  Time to set up the extender via lan cable is less than 5 minutes.

Once the extender is connect to your wifi network, you can always reconfigure it via a browser with url http://extenderXXXXX where XXXXX is a unique id for your extender.  Edimax labeled this on the extender, so if you forget, you can always check the extender.

The extender works VERY VERY WELL, far exceeds my expectation.  I am able to get wireless signal to dead spots in my apartment.   My WAN internet connection is at 15mbps.  I typically can get 10+mbps via the extender.  The dead spots in my apt where I could only get about 500kbps with my router, now I can get 8+mbps.   Streaming video is not a concern now.

I've connected a Samsung Tab 2 7", HTC Evo 3D, iPod Touch, iPad2, and all work flawlessly.   Simultaneous connections of 2 devices did not reveal any internet traffic degradation.

If there's any complaint is the "boot up" time takes about 15 seconds.  Otherwise, I have not experienced any signal drop, reboot or any problem.  It has been up and running for 2 days.

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