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East Stroudsburg University: my HOME away from HOME! Sorority girl tells all!

Jun 30, 2006
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Pros:suburban, academics, athletics, campus, greek life, parties

Cons:parking, 8 am classes, too suburban for some

The Bottom Line: I love where I go to school.

I am really excited to write this review because East Stroudsburg University is considered my home.

Senior year rolled around and I applied to 4 places: my reach school, The College of New Jersey, my safety school, Hofstra University, my expensive school, Sacred Heart University, and my perfect fit school, ESU. Now I was #12 out of 150 in my class, 3.551 GPA, was in a variety of different sports and clubs, had volunteer work and three jobs under my belt. I got into ESU without a problem. If you are an average student, ESU could be an easy school to get into.


Welcome to the Poconos! ESU is the suburbs and is definitely a working middle class area. No classy cars and expensive houses here! And If you need constant excitement, and something to do all the time - this school definitely is not for you. The biggest excitement is Walmart for people under 21, and Main Street (bars) for people 21 or over. It is NOT a city! Sometimes, I do wish there were more things to do off campus, like walking to go shopping or whatever, but there isn't much off campus within walking distance!

Their are 61 campus buildings on 213 acres. The main academic building is Stroud hall. It has 3 floors with typical classrooms. The residence halls are Minsi, Shawnee, Laurel, Linden, Hawthorn, Hemlock, and Lenape. University apartments are a walkable distance away, for upper classmen. University Ridge is apartments that can be leased and about 2 miles away from campus. A shuttle bus runs between certain hours and takes people from their apartments to campus.

Weather. During the winter it snows, and it snows very hard. It is really very cold and aggravating, especially walking to classes. Sometimes, classes are canceled! You'll often see genitals formed in snow, snowball fights, and college kids being college kids. It's great. During the spring, sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's hot. I bring my entire wardrobe.

DOWN TO EARTH. Sweat pants and sweatshirts are a big thing here. The people are very relaxed, comfortable, and get ready to go to parties and big events. I've seen people go to their clases in pajamas. People honestly don't care what they look like, and I think it's great. Everyone is basically middle-class. You see the occasional rich snob and "I have to look good everyday" person.

I lived in Minsi hall my freshman year. It was mostly upperclassmen. I loved it because it is the most lenient hall. No one really cares what you do, as long as you aren't stupid and don't get caught with alcohol/drugs. Freshman get placed among the halls, they do not have a designated hall. Each hall is special for one thing or another. Minsi is the international hall, while Laurel is the honors hall. The rooms are basically 12 x 16. Some have moveable furniture, while others do not.

I can't imagine commuting because parking is horrible. I refuse to have my car on campus since the ticket ladies are like Nazi's. At $15 a ticket, and going through the trouble of walking a really far walk to get to my car, it's not worth it. Take a bus or taxi, or find a person that has a car and give them gas money. The campus has everything you need anyway so there isn't really a need to go off campus.

Dansbury Commons is the "caf." It offers many different selections for food, like deli, home, salad bar, pizza, pasta, desserts, and grille. The food gets old, but it isn't that bad once you get used to it. Bring pepto bismol for your first week! Your body needs to adjust!

The "Union" is another place to eat on campus. It offers quick stations like bagels, wraps, grille, pizza, and mexican. This is where I normally eat on campus because I am always on the run and want something quick to eat.

Java City is where they have coffee, frappachinos, chai lattes, etc. I am here at least once a day. It also has paninis and salads during lunchtime hours. Java City also has musicians, comedians, etc come and perform.

Greek Life
I joined a sorority - Alpha Sigma Tau. Fraternities and sororities are really big on campus. They host the parties on the weekends - which cost $5 to get into. If you are into the party scene, and like to meet a lot of people, greek life is for you. Fraternities on campus are Sigma Pi, Phi Sigma Kappa, Theta Chi, Delta Chi, Zeta Beta Tau. Sororities are Alpha Sigma Tau, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Lambda Iota. If you were to join, I would recommend joining a national organization. Being a member of a sorority made me a better person. I'm more social, I put more confidence in myself and trust into others, and I'm really enjoying the social scene!

If you aren't into the Greek scene, their are other clubs and organizations that you can be in. They have intramurals, student senate, newspaper, gay/lesbian/transgendered, african american, band, wess fm radio, concert choir, and many academic clubs. I am in the Exercise Science club that meets every Tuesday at 10 am. The sorority takes up a lot of my time, but activities are there to keep people busy and to meet new people.


Like every school, ESU is known for certain things. Teaching is number one. Number two would be sports and movement studies. Three would be psychology. ESU started as a teaching school, so that is its strongest major. I am double majoring in Exercise Science and Health Services Administration. ESU offers MANY majors - so if you are undecided, you have a ton of options.

At ESU, you have to complete general education requirements. ESU is also called "Extra Semester University" because people never seem to graduate on time. Make sure you talk to your advisor and are in the right direction.

If you get accepted and decide to go to ESU, they make your first semester schedule for you. It is usually English composition, psychology, and into to your major, a computer class, and a co-requisite for your major.

Classes are really interesting and fun. Professors make them interactive. Usually Mondays and Fridays there are a lot of no shows. Mondays because everyone is lazy and hungover from the weekend, and since Thursday is a big party night, a majority does not go to Friday classes. Fortunately, classes are usually 30 people, unless you are in a lecture hall class like Anatomy and Physiology, where there can be 90 students.

I am impressed with the professors that I have had. Many people use ratemyprofessor.com to schedule for their classes, but they are so down to earth, comfortable, knowledgeable and willing to help. I can say I have established good relationships with all my professors and can ask them anything - they would help me with whatever I needed help with to achieve the best grade possible.


I love sports, but really don't watch/have time to go to watch college sports. Again, this another big socializer. Our football team is outstanding. We are a Division II school, with many talented athletes. Many different sports teams are on campus: Basketball, Softball, Baseball, Swimming, Track, Soccer, Track, Wrestling, Cross-country, etc.

My Favorite Place
The recreation center is my favorite place on campus. One of the reasons why I picked Minsi hall is because it is right across the street from the "rec." The bottom floor has 4 courts for basketball, tennis, and volleyball. There are three raquetball courts. Their is a room where classes like abs and step are held. Upstairs is all the cardio machines, weight bearing machines, indoor track, medicine balls, and free weights are located. Every cardio machine has a tv attached to it so you can watch your favorite shows while working out. I absolutely LOVE the rec center and spent at least 2 hours a day there.

Since I am out of state, it costs about $19,000 for me to attend ESU for one year. Compared to other colleges, this is absolutely nothing. Sacred Heart was $35,000 and Hofstra was $29,000. If you are in state it costs about $10,000.

My Thoughts & Comments

I love ESU. I've been so happy since the day I moved in. I met so many nice, interesting people that I can honestly say I really care about. I feel like the suburban area is a perfect fit for me since I am not really a city, or rural person. I think their is always something to do - because you find things to do. Parties occur on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. If you aren't into partying, the rec center is open late, along with whatever activity they have on campus.The sorority takes up a lot of my time. Classes are difficult, and challenging, but the professors make them fun, and I learn a lot of valuable information. My major is strong, and I know I will find a job as soon as I get my masters degree. If I decide to change majors, it won't be a problem, since there are many to choose from.

I can't wait to go back for my sophomore year!

Hope you enjoyed my review! - If you have any more questions, ask me or refer to there website - www.esu.edu

Thanks for the read/rate!


PS. Please check out my profile to donate to the AVON WALK FOR BREAST CANCER. My mom is walking 26.2 miles, and needs to raise $1800! Thanks to those on epinions.com that already donated!

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