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If You're Goin Through Hell, Keep on Goin

Dec 5, 2008 (Updated Dec 5, 2008)
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Pros:easy admission, excellent profs, required courses force completion of unpopular subjects(A2/3/4/9, Taxation, Business Organizations)

Cons:horrible reputation, HORRIBLE location, EXTREMELY ridiculous attrition rate, Vietnam type experience

The Bottom Line: Do it only if you have the stamina to have the prize dangled in front of your eyes for 3 years- w/possibility of revocation up to and including 9th term.

I'm graduating from Thomas M Cooley Law School in 7 days. Cooley is the only law school I applied to as I knew some girl that went here and told me it was a good school. I obviously didn't research that statement.  I say that because I have obviously by now heard the opposite about Cooley's reputation.  I disagree with the reputation Cooley has; but I will still hate this school for the rest of my life.  Here's the deal- Cooley is Vietnam.  Let me explain that further.  Vietnam was an unpopular war; the soldiers that came back were ridiculed and shamed by their own country.  But, they had the commraderie with eachother of knowing that they had all been through an experience that NO ONE else on earth could ever understand.  THAT IS COOLEY.  Cooley is that unpopular war.  It's easy to get into and people have low expectations.  But, once in it, you get sent to a hellhole/Dr. Suess/Glitch in the Matrix world where your very sense of self is tested every day and no one back in the world beyond Cooley can understand that.  Cooley requires courses that are absolutely insane (Secured Transactions, Taxation, Bus Orgs, AR...the list goes on).  Beyond that, the 'electives' you can pick are 'required electives'. So, you end up having to take Sales, Fed Adm, Moot Court, Trial etc.  Sales has brainfried me so bad that I'm typing a Cooley review 4 days before my exam.  Here's the point; That's not a bad thing in the long run.  Have you ever met a Vietnam vet (w/all appendages attached) that lost a bar fight? Probably not.  That's because they drew strength from the fact that they were in an unpopular/unwinnable war, but they perservered.  That's Cooley.  You realize second term that odds favor that you flunk out, but you stick together and just hope for something...anything.  I have friends that are in/went to SIU/Samford/Tulane/George Mason and I envy how easy they have/had it.  It's a motherless SOB up here.  But, if you can make it through it, you can handle anything thrown your way.  You'll be medicated for life bc of what you go through at this school.  Everything is favoring you flunking out from day one.  But, on the flipside, you become so battle scarred that you can take on any tier 1/2/3 lawyer that comes your way. Cooley prepares you for that by destroying you-like a trainor breaking a thoroughbread.  Bring the bar fight on.  The courses are brutal, the profs are vicious (but extremely intelligent), and in the end you'll lose most of your friends to the ASTRONOMICAL atrrition rate. But in the end you've been to Hell, so the only way to go is up.  

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