Marantz CD6000 CD Player

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Marantz CD 6000 OSE

Sep 9, 2006
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Pros:Greatly detailed sound for usd 300

Cons:darn hard to find today

The Bottom Line: Just listen to it and you tell me

Marantz as well as many other companies go backwards
in time. They make something Great and Legendary,
then, like Yamaha, POOF ! suddenly stop production !

their CD Player 6000 OSE might still be the BEST
Cost Performance stereo CD player ever made
for less than usd 300. GET IT IF YOU CAN FIND IT
new or in very fine condition.

Theory and numbers might say that the 6000 OSE serial
Bit stream method is not too accurate or good....
they will even tell you that the newer CD 5001 OSE
using Multi Bit parallel conversion technology
is superiour.

well friends, JUST TRUST YOUR EARS.
GO LISTEN and Compare / choose if you can.

no matter what they say on paper, and books,
Multi bit cd player at that kind of price, at least.

the CD 6000 OSE gives you TONS Of details
that no multi bit player in the same price can.
maybe 10 yrs from now, after they learn how to
produce Great sounding CD players no matter
what the technology is, ok, then it might be different.

but for now, even in 2006,
GET the Marantz 6000 ose... yes, this review
should have been written 5 yrs ago, but here it is now.

IF you value DETAILs and want to HEAR what you have
on the cd for REASONABLE cost, then
not only the CD 6000 ose, but pls also STICK to
STRAIGHTWIRE interconnect cables. At the very least,
get their Chorus interconnect.......and if you can
get it, any of their level 3 interconnects.
these are even better ....

yes, this cd 6000 ose is That Good with details.

look it up on the net.. you will see nothing but
praise from years ago. The only Marantz office
that has NEW STOCK, in the world, is in tokyo.
look around, you might be able to find one
in used but Good condition.

dont forget to look at too
if you value details and truth.

Serious amplifiers and serious speakers, even
Old Used DIATONE bookshelf speakers from japan
exist in the used market. GET it. Listen
to this old gold before you go throwing your money
into useless current production models and brands.
Again, for value, and less than usd 300, if you can
get the chance to compare Old Diatone Bookshelf
speakers to any of the current faves, there is

DO NOT overlook the current resurgence into
TUBE / Valve amps that are coming out cheap
from usa, uk, asia and other places.. some
for less than usd 500 even !

Do not worry about efficiency, it will be loud
enough if you sit close enough and these 3 watt
amps are good in small / medium rooms.

Again, all this is about DETAIL !
you do wish to hear exactly what is on your cd, yes ?

for those of you with the money,
do you know that Thiel, Tannoy and Spendor still make
Great stuff today ?

accuracy first, and all the rest later, please.

those that want even more info and links,
can email me direct, if that is allowed..

thanks and enjoy.

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Amount Paid (US$): 300

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