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Nov 25, 2011
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Pros:Good suction power
Excellent manuverablity
Light weight
Convenient storage/charging
Works great on hard surfaces

Cons:Not that great on carpet

The Bottom Line: I would definitely recommend this for hard surfaces, not so much for carpet.  It is  so easy, you will find yourself vacuuming much more often then you used to.

We purchased the Electrolux EL1014A Bagless Stick Vacuum from Costco after using it at our sister in-laws house.  It is a fantastic little vacuum.  The amount of power it has for such a lightweight unit is very good.  The main thing we like about it though is convenience.  It is cordless and comes with a storage cradle that keeps the vacuum charged all time.  So when ever you have a little vacuuming to do, you just grab it off the cradle, clean up and then stick it back on there.  We've never run it long enough to drain the battery, but I suppose that would depend on how much cleaning you had to do.  The way the head is designed, it is very manuverable and easy to get into tight places and rolls with such an ease compared to larger vacuums. Being able to remove the power head and use it as a handheld is ingenious.  

The only negatives I will give this vacuum is that it isn't that great on carpet or rugs, the suction is fine, but it doesn't roll very easy on carpet it kind of "hangs up", it rocks on hard surfaces though which is mosty what we have so I love it, but if you have mostly carpet I would probably go for something else. And it doesn't stand up on it's own very well.  What I mean by that is, if you need to stop vacuuming for a minute to move a chair or something, you have to lay it on the ground cause it won't stand up.  It really won't even lean against the wall if it's on a hard surface it will just slides and falls down.

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