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End of the Line - "Soon they will reveal themselves" 82%

May 23, 2010 (Updated Jun 14, 2010)
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Pros:Thought provoking, violent, one very disturbing scene, no CGI

Cons:Shaky acting, some overly long and unnecessary scenes

The Bottom Line: Unsettling, disturbing, but still manages to get its point across. This is a horror film with soul. Definitely recommended to horror fans who prefer more than gore.

Karen(Ilona Elkin) works in a hospitals psychiatric ward. For some unexplained reason, the hospital is overflowing with people, who claim to hear voices and are even seeing things. On her way home from work via subway. The train Karen is riding on, suddenly comes to a full halt in between stops. Together with a new friend named Mike(Nicholas Wright) and other train passengers. They find themselves running for their lives from a religious cult, who are armed with daggers sheathed in crosses. These people are killing all in their path in some attempt to "save" everyone from the coming Apocalypse.-summary

A very interesting work indeed, with its aim being the examination of blind religious fanaticism. Directed, produced, and written by Maurice Devereaux. End of the Line is a low budget Canadian horror film that asks the eternity long question: Who exactly is correct? Are the believers who blindly follow their religious faith truly delusional? Or could they actually be right? And could it be the non believers who are walking around blind? In any case, I found the film to be a thought provoking work as well as entertaining, when providing a good amount of CGI free gore.

The film starts out rather shaky, but eventually finds its footing. Once the characters are all finally introduced, the chase and fight for survival begins. The film has great pacing with constant suspense build up, creepy atmosphere, cheap scares that can get you, and a solid music score that meshes very well with the film.

The acting is definitely a mixed bag that ranges from good to bad. However, the writing and character development does make up for it in my view. In the world of horror, the genre is rarely accused of having realistic characters. When a film wants to be taken serious, then realistic and down to earth characters are imperative, or else the film comes off as a complete joke. One serious film that comes to mind, with the most unrealistic characters in the universe, which renders the entire movie a worthless piece of trash, just so happens to be Who Can Kill A Child?, directed by Narcisco Ibanez Serrador(a thrashing on that one coming here soon).

End of the Line does a very good job with the protagonist. Despite being in a life and death situation, some still try to hang on to their humanity when defending themselves against the fanatics. While others who do follow the religion, still question on what exactly is right or wrong. Without searching very hard, there is quite a bit of character depth to be found here.

One character who stood out to me happened to be one of the followers Patrick(Robin Wilcock). Although a follower of the faith. He was severely torn between what to believe in. He wanted to carry out his duty, but he also didn't want to leave the earth, without the experience of engaging in sex. His character was very real because his drive was believable.

Director Maurice Devereaux definitely had a vision, and he used this film to paint a very grim picture. The film is setting up for a post apocalyptic world, which is being displayed through televised madness and chaos. Personally, I'm not very religious but this type of world does in fact scare me. This is indeed where the film works its horror. The viewer is plunged into a world where normal innocent people, which consist of the elderly and children, are seeking to carry out their God's word. These individuals no longer fear death and they attack without fear. When taking under consideration how many real life incidents of this nature have taken place. One has to wonder just how close to reality this film really is. Living in a world inhabited by two opposing sides, who both believe they're right and are trying to kill each other, really isn't too far fetched when thinking about it.

The film does have another issue: Such as several scenes taking up far more time than necessary, and one death scene can truly come off offensive to some, but not to me. However, I do very much enjoy this film, and it gets better with every watch. I enjoy the social commentary, premise, and the brutal death scenes. The film isn't only for the thinking individual. The gore hounds who need their brutal death scenes will also get their fill. The action scenes are great, with people taking hammer shots and crow bars to the head. 

My main enjoyment of the film, is the original question that is asked. Who is correct? The film overall does a good job on portraying the believers vs. doubters. Believers will be believers to the very end, and doubters will be doubters to the very end. The film reveals who is supposedly correct. But, I will like to know exactly, WHO is REALLY correct. Perhaps I'll find out when I'm burning.

End of the Line has a 95 minute run time and contains numerous extras. The extras that are worth mentioning in my view, would be the making of End of the Line called A Splatter of Faith. This is a 35 minute documentary on the film, which features commentary from the director, actors, and production crew. This is a very entertaining piece with some good information. The second would be The Music From End of the Line. This consists of 20 tracks that make up the soundtrack of the film.

I recommend End of the Line to horror fans who enjoy being disturbed, and also appreciate films with some type of depth. This is my first exposure to Devereaux's work, to the very best of my knowledge. My interest has definitely been piqued, and I'm going to track down more of his horror films. He mentions in the documentary that End of the Line is his fourth film. I'll visit his earlier works one at a time some day.

This will be another entry into CaptainD's The Good Movie EpiGuide Write Off.

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