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Is it Really the End of the Line?

Jun 22, 2010
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Pros:Original, inventive, and downright scary.

Cons:If you hate low budget films because they're low budget, do not apply.

The Bottom Line: This is the acid test for horror film fans.

The writer/producer/director of the deliciously entertaining SLASHERS, Maurice Devereaux, strikes again!  It took Devereaux nearly two years to find a distributor for his 2007 film END OF THE LINE and this flick was worth the wait--it's a real doozy. While it might not be up to the high COMEDIC standards set by its predecessor it's still a great piece of independent film making. It hits the ground running with a good and proper scare just to let us know that we're in for something special-- and believe me this flick is special. It has a completely original story that never takes you quite where you thought you were going,  an interesting assortment of characters who are more than just the victims du jour and a cast of very competent actors to inhabit those characters, plus a nice assortment of gory ways to kill them off. Oh yes, there will be blood.

I don't want to go into the story too much because it's best to go into this movie cold. Our heroine is Karen, is a psychiatric nurse at a hospital that has been receiving more than the usual number of loonies. In fact Karen herself (Iliona Elkins) has been experiencing unnerving dreams and visions--centered around one of her patients who committed suicide by diving in front of a subway train. All of the film's action takes place in the subway, a creepy and unnerving place that gives off some really bad vibes.  The action starts in earnest when Karen is accosted by a nasty looking troublemaker  ( Robin Wilcock ) who clearly is up to no good.  Fortunately a  good looking young man named Mike (Nicholas Wright) comes to her rescue and the die is cast. Within the next few hours these three characters along with a feisty, hot, Asian chick named Julie ( Emily Shelton),  a pair of young lovers named Sarah and John (played by Nina Fillis and Tim Rozon ), a couple of subway workers, and  Neil, a take charge kind of guy (played by Neil Napier), will be fighting for their lives and maybe their souls against--against what? Well, that would be telling and I want you to find out for yourself. There are all sorts of twists and turns and an ending that will probably mystify you and possibly tick you off. 

As usual Devereaux is wearing multiple hats writer, producer, and director, he even acted as his own First Assistant Director!  One wonders when he found time to breathe. The special features on the DVD are always interesting and the "Making of " featurette reveals that Devereaux's father died during filming but Devereaux didn't even mention it to anyone for fear of disrupting the production. THAT'S dedication. The acting is more than acceptable and fans of SLASHERS will finally get to see what  Neil Napier looks like, having only seen him under masks and makeup in the dual roles of  Chainsaw Charlie  and The Preacherman in that film. What makes END OF THE LINE different from Devereaux's other films is its central theme.  Here he's not going merely for some nasty scares and some good laughs, here he has an idea he wants to explore and a serious message he wants to get across, But as I said, I want to leave that for you to discover for yourself. You may have to watch this one more than once, but please do watch it. This is an exceptional film that I highly recommend to anyone who truly loves horror films! See it today.

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