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Epson Stylus NX430 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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Can I be in love with a printer? -- Epson NX430 Inkjet

Nov 25, 2012
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Pros:compact, wireless, versatile, card reader, LCD display, color printer, copier, scanner, scanning software, sleep mode

Cons:not as whisper quiet as I expected, no document feeder

The Bottom Line: This Epson Stylus NX430 All-in-One Inkjet Printer has all the features I needed and a small footprint.

I have been using the Epson Stylus NX430 All-in-One Inkjet Printer for about a year now.  Its many features have been put through its paces … and I’m convinced this is one of the best inkjet printers I’ve used. 


The Epson nickname for this wireless printer is the “Small-in-One”.  When opened for printing, it measures 15.4” wide x 20.8” deep x 11.0” high.  It weighs just over nine pounds.  This color printer can print, copy and scan.  It uses four ink colors (DURABrite Ultra pigment ink).  The manufacturer says it prints in black 6.2 ISO ppm, and in color 3.2 ISO ppm.  There is also an option for manual two-sided printing (but this is not a duplex machine).

This printer is advertised as being quiet with easy setup.  It can print from an iPad, iPhone, tablet or smartphone.  It supports Email Print, Epson iPrint app, Apple AirPrint, and Google CloudPrint.  Scanning is up to 2400 dpi.  There is a 2.5” color LCD display in the control panel. 
A card reader is located on the front left of the machine.  It handles an array of cards: Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO, Magic Gate Memory Stick, SDXC, SDHC, SD, MultiMediaCard, MMCplus.  Also, it will take a variety of other cards as long as an adapter is used (ex:  microSD, microSDHC, Memory Stick PRO_HG Duo, MMCmobile).

In the box is the printer, one each of the color cartridges, a CD-ROM with drivers, a power cord, and instruction booklets.  Note:  A USB cable is not included.  It can be either used with a PC or Mac.  (Windows 7 either 32-bit or 64-bit, Vista, XP SP1 or Professional – Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.8, 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x.)  This is an Energy Star qualified machine.

My Experiences

This Epson Stylus Inkjet Printer has been a joy to use.  My home office needs changed.  After my father had his heart attack and surgeries, he didn’t want to be alone when I was home.  So instead of holing myself away in an “office,” I needed to be more flexible.  My Toshiba laptop can go anywhere, but I needed a quality printer with a small footprint to sit on a petite table in the living room beside my armchair.  This Epson printer fits the table top as if the table were customized for it.


The machine was simple to set up and begin using.  Essentially, remove the printer from the carton and make sure to remove every piece of protective packing material, tape, etc.  Pick a sturdy flat surface to set the printer.  Lift the paper support at the back of the machine and plug the printer into an electrical outlet.  (Do not yet install paper or ink cartridges.)

The control panel at the front of the machine tips upward from the bottom so that it can sit at a slant.  Press the power button on the control panel.  Select the language you wish displayed. 

Lift up the scanner lid to install the four inkjet cartridges.  Next, insert the paper vertically at the back of the printer (it holds up to 100 sheets of regular 20-pound paper).

Next, install the software from either the CD provided or from the Epson website as a download.  Follow the prompts.  This is where you also select the connection.  I’m using the wireless connection, and it works great.  The instructions state to install the software on every computer you will use to print from.  You will need a USB cable for initial setup of the wireless option.


I print all types of documents on this printer -- everything from manuscripts and spreadsheets to pdf files and online coupons.  I also print photographs.  My printouts have been text heavy as well as filled with logos and graphics … in color and black print on white or colored papers.  I typically print on 20-pound paper, though photo paper in various sizes, brochure stock, and labels have also passed through this machine.  I usually use 8 1/2” x 11” size paper in the machine, though the instructions say it will accommodate legal size and A4 paper.  I also print #10 business envelopes.

The black ink prints nice and dark.  No one has trouble reading the inkjet printouts.  The colors are vivid and look great on the page or photo paper.  I’ve printed quite a few photos for myself as well as family and friends.  I typically print the 4” x 6” photo size.  They look great framed.  If you wish, you can use the printer’s LCD display and control panel to control printing, but I’ve never used that feature.  (I scan photos and then work with them from the computer before printing.)

When I print documents to send to a publisher, or for professional reasons, I use a laser printer.  I’m a printer snob that way … I just like the durability and crisp laser print for work I intend to archive or that others will see.  There is also the time factor to consider.  My laser printer prints much faster than this inkjet.

In case you are wondering, the paper sits upright at the back of the printer.  It feeds down through the printer and exits onto a pull-out tray.


It is a huge convenience having a copy machine in the house.  My neighbor phoned the other day to beg use of my “copy machine”.  She had documents that needed photocopying for a rush project.  I’ve photocopied articles, recipes, forms, business documents, and a myriad of other papers.  This machine does an excellent job.  I copied some forms I filled out related to work, and I was hard pressed to tell the original from the copy.

The copy lays flat on the screen (like a traditional copier).  There are several settings to customize the copy run.  For instance, you can print from 1 – 99 copies, print in black or color, or reduce/enlarge the print.  The copier will only copy a page as large as 8 1/2" x 11”.


There are several scanning options.  You can scan to a memory card, to the computer, scan to a computer pdf, or scan to email.  For Windows 7 or Vista, there is also PC wireless scanning.

I like using the Epson scanning software.  There is an icon on the desk to click.  I simply click the scan button from there for a quick scan.  There is also a “customize” button for features such as restoring faded color or correcting backlight in photos.

I usually scan my photographs and save the scan to my computer.  Then I use Photoshop to do any photo adjustments. 

The scanner is a great way to cut down on paper files, or to document checks received that you wish to retain copies of.  I routinely scan documents to save on a portable hard drive.  Note:  This machine does not have a document feeder; therefore, scans are one page at a time.  If you are a heavy scanner with routine jobs that contains lots of pages, this machine is probably not for you.

Ink and Replacement

I like that there are four ink cartridges for this machine.  That means I can replace each color as needed with no wasted ink.  There is a screen available on my computer that monitors ink levels and even offers reminders that ink should be purchased as the levels become low.

The ink is also fast-drying.  I have no trouble printing out multiple prints, whether on regular 20-pound paper or on photo paper.  The ink has never smeared for me.  As advertised, the inkjet ink does not smear when highlighted.  I also appreciate that it is water resistant.  However, water resistant does not mean waterproof.  The manufacturer says the ink is fade resistant for 118 years.  (I’m not sure how they came up with that number, but I have no complaints about ink performance.  I have never had an Epson ink cartridge leak either.)

I have no problem quickly replacing spent cartridges.  Just lift the scanner lid.  Look at the orientation of the cartridges in the printer so that you correctly drop the new cartridge into place.  The old cartridges easily remove by squeezing the tab and lifting the cartridge out of the printer.  There is a piece of yellow tape on the bottom of the new cartridge that needs to be removed.  That is the only thing which is removed from the cartridge.  Insert the new cartridge so that it clicks into position.  Close the scanner lid and press “OK” on the control panel to initialize the ink cartridge.

Overall Performance

While this printer isn’t “whisper” quiet, it is quieter than some other printers I have used.  Still, when it starts to print, there are some noises as it revs up and grabs the paper.  I can use the printer and still hear the television or music.

I’m very pleased with the printing, copying, and scanning results.  This machine rarely has paper jams.  When it has jammed, it is operator inflicted through paper that wasn’t set properly in the paper holder.

It didn’t take me long to become accustomed to using the various features on this Epson printer.  When in doubt, consult the User’s Guide.  (There is also an online interactive User’s Guide at the Epson website with some video tutorials.)


I bought this printer at Staples for about 63.00.  The Epson website retail price is $99.00.

This printer uses two types of ink cartridges:  Moderate- and High-Capacity.  The cartridge number for the Moderate-Capacity is: 124.  High-Capacity is number 126.  I’ve been buying the high-capacity cartridges and am pleased with how they work.  I also don’t have to change them as often.  The four colors are: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

The ink can be purchased individually by color, or in a combination package.  For the high-capacity cartridges, a single black cartridge sells at Staples for $19.79.  The individual colors go for $17.09.  I buy the color three-pack for $47.49, which saves a bit of money.  A high-capacity black cartridge prints about 415 pages.  In comparison, a moderate-capacity cartridge prints about 190 pages.

My local Staples store also takes the empty ink cartridges back and gives me $2.00 back per cartridge on my Staples Reward Card.


This Epson Stylus NX430 All-in-One Inkjet Printer was an excellent buy.  The machine has done everything I have asked it to do.  It is easy to use.  The printouts are crisp and clear to read.  This Epson has no trouble with text or photographs.  The small footprint (compared to other all-in-one machines) is terrific.  This printer doesn’t look out of place in the living room either.  If you want to camouflage it, compact the machine and throw a decorative piece of fabric over it.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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Copyright 2012 Dawn L. Stewart

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