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Epson WorkForce 845 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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Epson's WorkForce 845

Sep 26, 2012 (Updated Sep 30, 2012)
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Pros:Touch screen, double printing, two paper trays, top paper tray feeder, memory card reader, ink.

Cons:Nothing major.

The Bottom Line: If you want a mid-entry level printer that does it all and is technologically savy with wireless and touchscreen, this is the choice for you!

I had delayed purchasing a printer for a couple of years ever since my all-in-one HP Printer's paper tray broke off ... surprisingly rendering the printer useless.  After bumming off other printers for a while I finally had to buy a printer.  After experiencing the failures of a cheap printer I got on sale during a school special, I now was interested in a mid-entry level printer that did it all and this is when I stumbled upon the Epson WorkForce 845.  This printer is an all-in-one (prints, copies, scans, faxes) and also is wireless enabled which is useful if you want to print for a network of computers or just want the ability to print without having it connected via usb cable.  There are three main features the WorkForce 845 has that are obvious standouts when shopping for similar printers:

7.8" Touchscreen display:
Something most printers can not brag about is having an all touch screen display.  As electronics evolve and improve, touch screen functionality is the future.  Easy to use and navigate, this really pushes this printer ahead of others. 

Two paper trays that can do double sided prints PLUS a top paper feeder:   
This printer has two paper trays PLUS a top paper feeder.  One tray could be for your standard 8.5"x11" paper and another for smaller paper sizes such as for photo printing.  I personally use the second tray just to hold more standard sized paper.  One thing to note is the trays do not hold paper larger than the standard size.  This means no tabloid/legal size paper (Legal size paper is like the standard size but longer by 3").  
There is also a top paper feeder that can be used, for example, when you want to copy 20 pages and do not want to use the flatbed scanner for every page one-by-one.  Instead, you can use the top paper feeder and put the stack to be copied in the top paper feeder to scan automatically one by one.  This can save a substantial amount of time.  Also, having the ability to print double-sided will definitely be a function used by many conscious of their paper usage.  There is just no point not to use this option if you have pages of text to print out.  
For the technical, the printer prints up to 15 ppm (pages per minute) in black & white and 9.3 ppm in color.  This is not the fastest printer in its class but it does sport the fastest double-sided prints.  I've had two printers and this one is the fastest by far.  No complaints in speed.  

Memory Card Reader:    
I take a lot of photos so when I want to print my photos I want to have the option of printing directly with the printer using my camera's memory card.  The printer can read SD, xD, MS PRO, CF and even has a slot for USB connection with a flash-drive.  This comes in handy, for example, if your friends wants to print something off their memory card from their camera really quick but didn't bring their usb cable for their camera.  It is just a convenience to have something like this built into the printer itself.  

      Setting up the printer was simple.  There is a large map-like instructional sheet you fold out with picture instructions.  I don't like complicated setups or instructions so I was releaved to find out there was no complications in those regards.  I did not, however, try out the wireless setup.  The printer itself is larger than your cheap all-in-one printer that usually goes for under $50 but not bulky at all.  It's managble box-like shape is fine and is justified by two paper trays.  It is like a taller but less wide microwave in size.  One thing I really like about this printer is the fact that the paper trays are built into the machine rather than sticking out with an external tray like my old cheaper printer.  The old printer's paper tray broke and because it did, I could not reasonably load the printer with paper without jams and holding the paper in it.  It was such a small plastic hinge that broke off that it was quit a shame it rendered it useless.  But this printer is all internal and protected in terms of the paper loading tray.  

      I have been using this printer for two months and I really like it a lot.  As a former computer retail salesman for over 5 years and as a poor college student during that time, I have amassed some specific key things when shopping for the right printer.  One thing people do not know anymore is that a long time ago, printers used to be much more expensive because a certain chip was in the printer that is now placed on all ink cartidges instead.  You ever wonder why sometimes your ink will be more expensive than your actual printer?  Or ever wonder why places like Staples will pay you $2 for your old ink cartidges?  It is because of this chip that ink cartidges are worth more than they used to be.  They figured out they would make more money selling a cheaper printer initially and then hook you with a more expensive garunteed subscription, also known as ink.  The good thing about the WorkForce 845 is that the ink is DURABrite Ultra 127 which is a high-capacity ink cartidge that also instantly dries to eliminate smudging afterwards.  So while you spend maybe $57 for color (cyan, magenta,yellow) and $30 for black, your ink will last much longer because they are XL sized.  It is basically like paying bulk pricing to save you in the long run.  Another good thing is that the ink colors can be bought as individual colors so if you just need cyan, you can just buy cyan and continue using your magenta and yellow as is.  The price is good for the amount you get.  I always say look at how much the ink is before you buy a printer because that is how much you will really have to pay.  While other printers offer lower priced ink, you don't get as much ink for your buck and thus these prices for the XL are actually a better value.

      Of course, another thing the printing industry changed was including a USB cord.  Those only come with very expensive printers nowadays.  Don't buy a printer cord at places like Best Buy because they make most of their money off of cords and accessories and price them way up.  Buy a USB printer cord online or somewhere like Walmart.  Best Buy sells it for $30 when it's really worth the $3 Walmart is charging.  Ridiculous, right?  They figure you buy the printer there so you grab a printer cord there too for the convenience.  If that convenience means paying ten times more, be my guest.  Otherwise, shop smart!  

      I bought this printer for $108 and it was on sale during the summer.  It is still at this price online but I do see now Best Buy put it back to $200.  I used this printer to print pages of text and colored photos.  I was pleased with the quality.  Not laser quality or anything but definietly nice and no wait time for drying.  Everything works great!  I think only a couple of times the printer needed to be turned off and on for my computer to recognize it but it hasn't happend since.  This was my only negative experience of the printer.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 108.74
Operating System: Windows

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With the ability of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, the Epson WorkForce 845 printer can easily handle all your office work. The 500-sheet cap...
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With the ability of printing, scanning, copying, and faxing, the Epson WorkForce 845 printer can easily handle all your office work. The 500-sheet cap...
Store Rating: 4.0
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