Opens Jars with Arthritic Hands!

Sep 10, 2012
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Pros:Four different openings for different sized lids, gives me leverage to open jars

Cons:I wish the exterior weren't so slick, wish openings were deeper.

The Bottom Line: A good jar opener, but I would change a few things about it

I have arthritis in my thumb and index finger of my right hand, and with age comes weakness in my hands as well.  It's pretty embarrassing when I have to ask my 30 year old daughter or my husband to open a jar for me!

Several years ago I found a good solution to my problem, and I found it at my local Fred Meyer store.  The Evriholder EasiTwist Jar Opener has been a real handy kitchen helper!


This is a clunky looking jar opener.  It measures none inches in length and has graduated holes for opening different sized containers.  The size of the hole openings are 1 1/8", 1 1/2", 2" and the largest is 3" in diameter. 

My jar opener has a hot pink hard plastic exterior with a pale orange rubberized interior.  There are hard plastic handles that extend from the opener 1 1/4", and these are curved outward slightly.

My Thoughts

This is a great product for anyone with arthritis or weakness in their hands.  I use mine all the time and it still looks fairly new.  I can easily see the size I use most is the second to the smallest because there are black marks along the orange rubberized material. 

Using this product is easy.  You simply place the lid of your container into the appropriate sized opening, squeeze the holder together and twist.  The non-slip rubberized areas help me to get leverage on the lid I am trying to twist off, and it almost always works. 

There have only been a handful of times when I wanted to open a jar that had a lid that was too large, such as my husbands honey containers.  This product won't stretch much farther than the largest opening, I can get it to 3 1/4" with some effort, but that's as far as it will stretch.

I can hold the jar opener from either end, depending on which opening I am using, and it works equally well.  The only con to this product is that I wish the depth of the openings were a little deeper.  They measure 1/2" deep and sometimes this slips off the lids I am trying to loosen up.

The sides of the Evriholder Easi-Twist Jar Opener have six indented oval shapes, I suppose to help you grip it more securely, but I don't find these helpful.  The plastic exterior of the jar opener is made of a shiny plastic that is a bit slick, and my hands don't stay in those little grooves anyway.  The only other con is that it takes up a lot of room in my utensil drawer.

Overall, this was worth the money and I find it extremely helpful in allowing me to open tight fitting jars.

Disclaimer:  I am sure I reviewed this product several years ago, but I cannot find it in the database, nor could I find it while doing a search in google.  If anyone runs across it, I would appreciate a heads up! 

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