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Eye See You (DVD, 2009, Limited Edition;Steelbook Case)

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Eye See You - Stallone hunts a serial killer, and vice versa

Jun 7, 2009
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Pros:Stallone is good

Cons:Kind of silly

The Bottom Line: It isn't Stallone's best work, but this is still a pretty entertaining movie.

Eye See You (also known as D-Tox) stars Sylvester Stallone as a federal agent on the trail of a serial killer who likes to murder police officers. This thriller comes from the director of I Saw What You Did Last Summer and at one time, Ron Howard was going to direct it. Despite a strong cast, this movie wound up going direct to home video. I didn't think it was anything spectacular, but I still enjoyed watching it.

The story begins with Stallone meeting some of his old cop friends at a bar, and the conversation turns to the recent string of police murders. Later that night, one of those guys is killed by the serial killer who targets cops, and Stallone is hot on the trail. While investigating that murder, the killer shows up at Stallone's house and murders his fiancée. A few weeks later, Stallone attempts suicide and is sent off to a police officer support group in a mountain retreat in the dead of winter. Pretty soon after his arrival, the patients and staff start to get killed.

I thought it was kind of weird how much this movie changed between the first and second parts. The first half of the movie is your basic ‘cop hunts serial killer' story that moves along pretty quickly. After that, the thing with them in the mountains is a complete change in tone and everything. It makes for an interesting combination of settings, but it makes the experience almost seem like watching two different movies.

Some people have called the plot of this movie unbelievable, and that is quite true. The last half of the story turns it into a slasher movie with a lot of misdirection as to the identity of the killer. I have to admit that I didn't identify the killer at first, but part of that was because of the sloppy way in which the story was but together and no amount of cleverness on the part of the writer or director. The misdirection with some of the characters was a bit too much, like the filmmakers were trying so hard to make you think someone might be the killer that they made it even more obvious that the character was not.

Stallone was very good in this movie, as was most of the supporting cast. Kris Kristofferson has a smaller role as the doctor managing the support group. Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) plays a hotheaded cop there for treatment, along with Jeffrey Wright (W.) and Courtney B. Vance (Law & Order: Criminal Intent). Tom Berenger has a small role as the caretaker of the facility, and Stephen Lang plays the mean security guard there. Pretty much the purpose of every actor besides Stallone was to make you think they might be the killer.

In the end, I enjoyed Eye See You. The plot was kind of silly, but as a whole I thought it was fairly well made. I think it might have made money at the box office had it been given a chance, since dumbed down slasher movies tend to score big bucks. If you are a Stallone fan, then you'll surely find something to like about this movie.

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