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'Final'ly some wild computer effects!

Jul 12, 2001
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Cons:Story line a little bum...

The Bottom Line: If you're a Final Fantasy lover, then go and see the movie, also if you love computer effects! The plot on the other hand, was a little.. off?

I wasn't going to see the movie at first. But being the opening night, and having my bro, and a few friends go and see, I figured I might as well.

All I knew about it at first, was the 1-2 previews I saw on TV. The plot/story line, never really caught my attention. It was the special effects, computer animation, whatever you wanna call it, but that is what did grab my attention.

In fact, thats what i'm going to talk about most.

Toy Story, started it, at least thats what I think. Pixar did a great job.

But Square took over where they left. They wanted to take CGI animation to another level. Final Fantasy proves this.

I've done a little animation in the past using Animator Pro (yes its old) and 3DStudio. Great programs. But never would I image that computers would be able to accurately render skin colors and textures, facial expressions, along with hair detail and clothing wrinkles. Putting this together, Square put human emotion into CGI. One word, Wow.

One of the most amazing animation was that of hair. If you haven't seen the movie yet, take a look at their hair. That must be one of the hardest things to animate. Just bending Aki's head to the side, the hair was slightly move, looking ever so real.

The movie itself, and its plot was a little bit of a downfall to the whole deal, but the animation is what is really to be looked at the most.

In a nutshell, the movie is about a meteor, that smacks into earth, and unleases tons of aliens. They end of taking over most of earth. Human's have survived in special domes. And its up to a few people to take over our earth again.

I can't say the acting was bad, because that doesn't really work against CGI, because I'd then be blaming the animators. I just wish that the story line was a little more.. hmm whats the word, full? Maybe because i'm not a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, that I didn't get the whole thing. Not saying I didn't understand, but if they had given more detail towards the entire story, that would of made it much easier to understand. I guess I'm looking for more details prior. The whole explaination on the "8 Spirits" could of been more developed. Yeah, thats what I'm looking for, more development of the plot!

In the end, it was a pretty good movie. The CGI really made the movie (seriously!), and if you're into that, go see this movie, you're in for a treat. Just don't go into this movie, thinking you're up to seeing a good well layed out plot.

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