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Discover's Wallet Protection Plan
by rooby2zdy
Similarly, I forgot I had signed up for this plan. Apparently it costs $2.99/mo and you can enter credit card numbers and other things you want to be notified about if they're stolen.

I never received a bill, although they claim I've been paying for it since Feb. of last year ('08). I don't believe it. If I'd been paying on it that long, it would have been a recallable fact in my brain.

All of a sudden they reported me as being 2 months past due, and immediately FICO lowered my score by SIXTY POINTS. I did manage to convince them (after many calls) to reverse the "past due" report. Although FICO is fast to lower your score, they like to take their time about raising it. I called & got a sympathetic person who agreed that it would be cruel to make me wait a month to get my points back & did it that day.

Now I can't find on line where this wallet protection is. Since they neglect to send bills, I want to find out if I arranged for them to pay themselves out of my bank acct.
Oct 29, 2009
4:13 pm PDT

Discover Card Ripp-Off
by tupelo77
I, too, have had a Platinum Discover Card for many years. Because I rarely used the card, I rarely opened the letters I received. I eventually found charges that had accrued interest and finance charges relating to "wallet protection" that I never ordered or authorized. After calling Discover, they told me that they could not remove the charges because they were from a third party. I asked for the third party's phone number and called them. Discover answered the phone. How many people are they ripping off. As soon as this is behind me, card gets scissored. Fraud/Scam for Discover
Oct 20, 2008
8:37 pm PDT

Discover Card Trickery
by ajcrouch
Same thing happened to me. When I called asking them to credit my account they refused saying they sent a notice of the changes in a statement. I also rarely use this card and never check the statements, if I make a payment I do it online. After not being credited I asked the customer service agent to submit a complaint and I believe I will cancel this card. She started talking to me about how it would be "bad business" if 1000 people called up like me and got credited the $2.99 for several months... Well... what if 1000 people cancel their cards? Bad Business Discover, Shame on You!
Aug 16, 2008
10:21 am PDT

Fraud protection Ha!
by wmossman
I got ripped off for years by their so called protection that I never asked for. I always say no to offers like this.They don't bill monthly so it is easy to miss. if they hadn't sent me that notice I'd still be paying. No help from Discover either
May 14, 2007
1:13 pm PDT