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Cross Country Bank Credit Card - Re-establish your credit!

Aug 20, 2001 (Updated Aug 20, 2001)
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Pros:Helps you re-establish your credit, decent rates and fees & OUTSTANDING customer service!

Cons:Higher rates than some

The Bottom Line: If you want to re-establish your credit, Cross Country Bank offers can provide a credit card with decent rates and fees.

Iíd first like to state that Cross Country Bank is geared towards people trying to establish or re-establish their credit. Their rates are high, but they provide credit to those who cannot find credit elsewhere. If you have good credit, this card is not for you.

Two years ago, I started re-establishing my negative credit. I chose Cross Country Bank because they seemed to offer the best options with lowest rates for someone with my credit situation. I was looking for a company that didnít require a security deposit, would offer credit increases over time and would help me re-establish my credit. Cross Country Bank did that and more!

I started with a MasterCard and a limit of $300. In just 2 years, theyíve increased my limit several times and just recently have issued me a Visa Gold card. In other words, if you pay your bill on time and maintain good credit, they will offer you better options. The only drawback is that they will NEVER lower the interest rate.

Rates & Fees

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases and Cash Advances is 20.99%. If you are 30 days late, it increases to 23.99%. 60 days late will increase that rate to 26.99%.

There is also a one time account origination fee of $100.00 for ALL customers, no matter what your credit situation. Also, an Annual Fee of $50.00 remains consistent as well.

You an also expect to pay $30.00 for late payments or over the limit fees. And the Minimum Finance Charge on any balance is at least $.50. If you choose to take a Cash Advance, the fee is the greater of $5.00 or 5% of the advance.

Sounds High? Well, itís better than other companies, such as Capitol One. Basically, if you have no credit or bad credit, you may want to expect high fees and rates, until you can become approved for a better card through a different company.

Contact Information

Cross Country Bank
P.O. Box 310711
Boca Raton, FL 33431-0711
Their website is filled with all the answers you could possibly ask. I use it frequently to check my available balance.

1-561-443-CARD . . . for Customers or Non-Customers

There is also a 24 hour account information line for customers, but be prepared to pay $.50 per inquiry for automated account information. 1-800-225-5030

Customer Service

In the past two years, Iíve had to deal with their Customer Service Department numerous times. Each time I contact them, they were very courteous and handled the situation promptly. One time they placed an over the limit fee on my account, but I was not over the limit because my credit line had just increased. They immediately acknowledged the error, corrected it and apologized. Another time I wanted to have the credit protection plan removed from my account. Same results.

Also, in the past two years, Iíve had my credit line increased 3 times, and will be due for another increase next month. Mind you, Iíve never made a late payment and I use my card often. Iím sure this has an impact on my credit increases.

Credit Protection

You can also purchase insurance incase of unemployment, injury or serious illness in the family. The insurance company will make your monthly payments until you are able to continue, or will pay the account in full if you should pass. This prevents your family from paying the bill. This insurance is called Applied Advantage and can be purchased for $34.95 annually.

Other benefits to this insurance is convenience checks, rental car discounts, priority customer service, online account services, credit card registration, household inventory registration and increased credit line increases. More information can be attained at their website listed above.

Overall . . .

I am very satisfied with Cross Country Bank. Their rates and fees are reasonable for someone like myself, their customer service is outstanding and they are helping me re-establish my credit . . . just like they claim.

I will continue to keep my Cross Country Bank card until my credit status allows me to switch to a company with no annual fee and very low rates.

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