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Bank is Bad News, Identity and Account Info Stolen and AmTrust never notified me

Aug 1, 2008 (Updated Aug 1, 2008)
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Pros:I found absolutely None

Cons:See short review,condensed from three pages.

Shortly after opening an account I was contacted by a creditor to verify a purchase. Since it was not me and the thief was in Cleveland, (the Internet bank section headquarters)I called AmTrust Bank to advise them my ID was stolen and to watch my account closely. After getting routed around and questioned, I learned that my phone number attached to my account was changed (internally) and a counterfeited check with my info for thousands of dollars was presented at their branch bank in Cleveland. This is a very long and involved horror story. The short version with just one major problems they caused: If I was notified of the theft I could have put an Alert on my credit file. Instead they chose not to tell me, by the time I just happened to call AmTrust, numerous accounts had been applied for in my name during that period. I never got a clear (but got false) information as to why they kept it quiet, but it was months to clear my Credit Report without any help or assistance offered. Later I was told that a Telephone "Customer Service" representative was let go after questioning.

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