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PayTrust makes my life better

Apr 17, 2008
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Pros:PayTrust allows me to forget about bill paying.

Cons:Would like to see better integration with Quicken.

The Bottom Line: Use Paytrust if you want to streamline your life and focus on more important things that paying bills.

I've been with Paytrust for over 7 years, and it has made my life better. I cringe when I hear my friends talk about how they are busy "Paying their bills". I can't even image having to think about bills anymore.

I read the recent negative review on, but I haven't experience any of these problems. My guess that this is related to Paytrust buying The transition must have been rough, but I doubt these problems would exist for a new PayTrust subscriber.

Since they have been bought by Intuit, I would have expected better integration between PayTrust and Quicken. Quicken has a feature where it can store in a scanned document in the register. Wouldn't it make sense for Quicken to download bills into the register and integrate with Quicken's features? Not happening and Intuit doesn't have a very good explanation as to why not.

The only billing problem I've had with PayTrust is when a bill arrived a few days earlier than expected. PayTrust flagged it as a "duplicate bill" in the same billing period. It doesn't automatically pay duplicates. Then it reported the next month's bill hadn't been received. It notified me of both of these situations, so I easily manually corrected it, but it was a little confusing for me. This only happened twice in the last seven years.

One other issue is that sometimes it doesn't assign "Notices" to the correct account. I have my electric bill automatically deducted from my bank account (not through PayTrust) -- so when the bill arrives, it says "Do Not Pay". So Paytrust assigns this to be a "Notice" rather than a bill. And it sometimes doesn't match it up correctly with my Electronic Company -- rather just listing it as a Miscellaneous Notice. This seems to have been working better in recent months. But it hasn't been a big deal for me because A) PayTrust always notifies me when I get a "Miscellaneous Notice" and I can go online to reclassify it. and B) because it's automatically paid, so I don't really need to worry about Paytrust making this payment.

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