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Mixed results with Cigna mail order pharmacy

May 14, 2012 (Updated May 14, 2012)
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Pros:Cheaper than retail pharmacy.

Some CSRs are helpful.

Cons:Long turn around time.

Some CSRs are unhelpful.

The Bottom Line: Much cheaper but also much more prone to errors/delays.

Pros:  Cheaper than retail pharmacy

Cons:  Long turn around time between receipt of prescriptions, filling, mailing, receiving.  Long wait times when telephoning for help.

CSRs can be very nice and will willingly help resolve issues, or very unhelpful, unwilling to do much more than cancel an order you may have been waiting on forever.  Tip:  If you encounter someone who doesn't want to do their job, ask to speak to a supervisor or transferred to another CSR.  When my husband's meds were lost in limbo, the first guy I talked to said the only thing he could do was cancel the order.  I called again and spoke with "Jennifer".  She was extremely helpful, researched the issue with me on the phone, said she couldn't understand the holdup and we had meds in hand 3 days later, expedited shipping at no charge to us.  This was after we had been waiting for 2 weeks with no update in the prescription status.

My husband is on several medications, two of which are extremely expensive, Crestor and Effient.  Even with prescription drug coverage, the co-pay on both is considerable.  Using Cigna's mail order pharmacy saves us a lot of money, but this service is definitely more of a headache to use than the convenience of picking up meds at a retail pharmacy.  So, we order the expensive meds mail order and get the others at Wal-Mart.

The best advice I can give is weigh the pros and cons, the difference in cost (Cigna's website has a tool that allows you to compare prices between retail pharmacies in your area and mail order) and see what your budget and resolve can handle.

Bottom line:  Order your meds a month in advance of needing them.  If you need to call them, avoid Mondays and Fridays or you'll be on hold forever. 

Also, since epinions requires either a yes or no for recommendations, I chose no simply because of the potential hassle in using a mail order pharmacy.  However, if you have time, patience and order meds well in advance of needing them, the savings can be considerable, so recommended in that aspect. 

It also helps to have an understanding doctor who will phone in or write for a month's supply of any meds you may need immediately.  Luckily, our doctor will do that since he has been on the receiving end of a multitude of complaints about mail order pharmacies.

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