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After 2 months, still no coverage

Nov 6, 2003
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Pros:Easy to compare rates

Cons:Customer service is awful. Any problems and you are doomed.

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend this company. The follow-up once the application has been received is terrible. If you have any problems, you are in trouble.

After leaving my company of 19 years, I had to find health insurance for my husband and me. The eHealthInsurance site was very robust regarding the different plans. however, once we sent in our applications, it was as if they didn't care about us anymore. In fact, after 2 months, my husband (we applied separately as it's less expensive) is still waiting to hear if he has been approved. Meanwhile, we are paying an $853 monthly COBRA payment.

Only after I called eHealthInsurance about my coverage (the day before it was supposed to be effective), did they send me an approval. When we called about my husband's, they declined to call the insurance company to check the status. A week later, they did call the insurance company, only to find out it had been sitting inactive on someone's desk for 3 weeks!

You would think they would be diligent now regarding his insurance, however, they sent an email today saying they have just now heard that medical records have been requested, when their website has shown the request for 2 weeks (but no Dr. or facility name for us to follow-up on). They also said in the email: "Remember, your application is a time-sensitive document" as if we didn't know that after we have contacted them countless times via email and phone calls.

So, getting the initial information is great. Once they have you, it's another story altogether. We have never talked to an agent. We have been dealing with customer service the entire time. This has been a disappointing experience and we are switching to another agent ASAP.

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