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Fisher-Price Imaginext Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 - Tri-County Landfill

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Imaginext Toy Story 3: Tri-County Landfill — A Discarded Toy’s Worst Nightmare Come to Life

Nov 7, 2011
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Pros:Decent playset; five characters included; lots of contraptions to use

Cons:Pricier than most playsets; smaller in scale than usual

The Bottom Line: The Imaginext Toy Story 3: Tri-County Landfill is a decent set but it lacks a bit of that "wow" factor that has made other playsets enjoyable to use.

When my son tells us that it's time to play Toy Story, he only means one thing: it's time for him to play with his Imaginext Toy Story 3 collection. He has some great smaller sets hat help create this world but they all manage to congregate at the Tri-County Landfill.

The climatic scene in the movie happens at the Tri-County Landfill in which our favourite characters try to escape the fiery incinerator. This is the fate of those who fall into the pit at the bottom of the playset. A giant scoop at the side of the building dumps all the trash (and those unlucky figures) onto the sorter. Then are then distributed onto the conveyer belts that drop them down from one level to the next before reaching the incinerator.

A great thing about the incinerator is how it swivels in and out of the building. A few disks are situated on the playset where a character stands and operates these devices by twisting such as spinning the sorter, opening the furnace, and operating the crane.

Speaking of the crane (or "the claw"), it's a great way to use it to rescue your friends and save the day. Of course this isn't complete if the Three Little Green Aliens are not at the controls working their "nick of time" rescue. Luckily these three guys are included with the set along with Buzz Lightyear, Lotso, and some garbage debris. A bulldozer is thrown into the mix to scoop up all the garbage and take it to the incinerator. Just for added fun (and a weird one at that), it shoots flat discs.

But despite the fun features on this playset, I feel that the Tri-County Landfill falls a bit short in its function. The operation of some of the components is frustrating. For example, the crane feels stiff and clumsy when trying to use it limiting its movement. The giant scoop on the side, while fun to use, falls apart too easily. The conveyor belts are also hard to move whether it is rotating the belt or extending the belt outward.

I also wish the entire structure were a bit bigger. There's a lot to do but it feels too confined. It's harder to get access of some things just because of the scale. I do have to admit that it is a unique playset designed especially for this franchise but it definitely could have been a bit better in its design.

Surprisingly, this is a pretty expensive piece that is on par with the Batcave from the Imaginext DC Super Friends collection. Considering that this is smaller in scale I would have expected at least $10 off from the asking price from anywhere between $45-$50. But a part of this has to do with license. The Toy Story 3 sets cost a bit more than all of the other ones.

Toy Story 3: Tri-County Landfill will definitely engage youngsters in playing with this set and the characters. Those that have seen the movie will enjoy recreating the scenes or creating new ones. I do wish the scale was a bit bigger allowing the playset more room the breathe. I think if it were taller I wouldn't be so picky about it. Still my son really likes the different contraptions on this playset and definitely envisions some creative play with his Toy Story buddies. Whatever the scenario, they somehow all end up in the incinerator.


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Amount Paid (US$): 45.00
Type of Toy: Playscene
Age Range of Child: Kids to Teens

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