Fragmented by ShatterBox

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Solid Rock from Shatterbox

Sep 19, 2011
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Pros:Solid hard rock; good energy level

Cons:Not much stands way out

The Bottom Line: Good hard rock from Connecticut

A few years back, while waiting for a band at a local Massachusetts rock club, my friend and I ordered a couple beers and checked out the opening acts.  One that stood out was Shatterbox.  Their heavy yet melodic sound worked well and got the crowd pumped. Their set was tight and showcased their talent well. 

I was so impressed that I bought their CD, a 2002 release called Fragmented. Recorded at Sleepless Sound Studio, this seven song EP is just about as hard and energetic as their live act and a good purchase for anyone looking for a talented metal band. The band formed in 2000 in Hartford, Connecticut. They gained some exposure in that area, appearing on WCCC and performing for the station's first annual Rock Expo.  Unfortunately, it seems that they are no longer making music, but at least I have this CD to crank up every now and then. 

Every track on Fragmented rocks hard, even the slower "Despair," which seamlessly goes from droning to screaming with heavy drums and guitars throughout.  "Soiled Ground" starts things off with crunchy guitar riffs and vocals that oscillate between singing and growling, constantly remaining loud and passionate. "Point of Addiction" has great drumming, and those growls are given an almost echoed effect in the screaming of the song’s title. "Lethargic" is anything but, closing the album with the same melodic heaviness that keeps Fragmented moving along powerfully all the way through. 

My favorite track on the album is "11:34." It opens with a riff similar to that of Bush's "Machinehead". It keeps with the fast paced music backing the slower vocals, creating a nice contrast. The vocals stay heavy but shift all over the place, especially at the end when Halligan repeats "My body, my soul, my mind" over and over, first in a softer tone to put you in a trance and then as loud as possible to wake you out of it. 

While they're not terribly inventive, Shatterbox does have a sound that is sure to appeal to those who enjoy straightforward hard rock / metal.  Fans of bands like Staind and Cold would do well to try snagging a copy of this EP.  It's nothing fantastic, but it does feature solid, hard-hitting tunes to provide a nice adrenaline rush.

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