Frito Lay Ruffles Original Potato Chips, 13.5oz Bags (Pack of 9) Reviews
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Frito Lay Ruffles Original Potato Chips, 13.5oz Bags (Pack of 9)

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a Frito Lay, oh not today/ Ruffles Potato Chip Original snack falls short

Jan 16, 2013
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Pros:No prep needed, can be baked on poultry, fih, veggies, store cool n dry

Cons:Goes stale after 2 weeks, heavy oily smell not taste or feel

The Bottom Line: A simple, semi-nutritious no prep needed snack. Might enhance crusts for poultry, fish or veggie casserole toppping. High Potassium, not enough GOOD FATS, too salty

This new year has offered many a new beginning, a chance to re-evaluate or for some to keep forging ahead in the path they created awhile back. I am practicing the latter and this review is about my dieting. As healthy as I normally eat, I still have those awful cravings for food items that are far from really good, for me at least with sensitivities and all.

I discovered quite a few years back, before my ovarian cyst ruptured, a continued diet of high-acid or acid increasing foods IS NOT typically the best way to avoid cancer of any kind even though the potato is nutritious. I was fortunate that my cyst was benign and my body did not have a low enough pH in which cancer might have formed cellularly- speaking, but I was risking destruction by constantly appealing my salt-craving by buying these darn Frito Lay Ruffles Original Potato Chips by the bulk ful years ago !

Yes the potato does have 3 very important vitamins (B6, C and E), a fairly high source of Potassium and those wonderful fatty acids the mono and poly kind of unsaturated fats our bad cholesterol needs to break up and remove, replacing it with that good for you cholesterol lipids (the HDL’s).

The amount is quite high in these Frito Lay Ruffles Original Potato Chips brand, which is a plus, but the concern of adding these to your diet very often when the acid content from the starch metabolism is so high without balancing the alkalinity, is what keeps only a few bags of these around per year in this household.

Now on with my review . . .


An actual potato allergy or sensitivity to the starch or potassium or magnesium or iron is not common; however all body types are different and each food item can affect the body adversely if not duly noted in a food/mood journal of what goes in the mouth and how it makes us feel.

If you suspect a food sensitivity to sulfites for example (these are naturally occurring in most foods but synthetically added ones cause a myriad of issues for many people), then don’t hesitate to contact a holistic practitioner or your AMA approved primary care physician in consultation of the matter.


The yellow, white, red and black colors used on a Frito Lay bag are common to the average consumer standing in the grocery line where hundreds of varieties of chips, pretzels, cookies cluttering the shelves-- are at eyes view. The bold yellow and white carrying small but readable letters are familiar and sealed shut for quality.

Once the bag is slowly pulled apart at the top, one can reach at least an inch down before reaching a chip, broken or whole (usually the latter these days). That happens as well as these are packed in shipping boxes, contents do get knocked around so some but not all chips may be broken. They are a light yellow-white to super tannish maize color, and in some places a jet black part where too much frying and charring occurred.


Somewhere around early 1930’s two men were hungry, cooking areas were apparently sparse and nutrition was not a huge deal as long as taste, affordability and longevity for the road, food items were made available to them and paying customers.

It just so happens that C. E. Doolin and Herman Lay hankered for a real good snack food, tired of single-handedly peddling their food wares out of the back of their automobiles or few delivery trucks. Each had a dream, but there appetite satisfaction at minimal cost was what bound them. They merged together by 1961 to form the one and only largest distributor of wholesome snack foods, Frito Lay.


Open the Frito Lay Ruffles Original Potato Chips bag apart slowly and carefully and remove one chip at a time, with a dipping item or not, put into mouth and sit back feeling the crunchiness, savoring the saltiness, basking in the simplicity, then sogginess soon thereafter.

*Tip: Hide these if you really got a potato-chip addict as nine small bags won’t go far.


If your children or spouse or partner or even self cannot fathom eating vegetables to get the nutritional value of some of the potatoes best features, then by all means indulge in the baked version of chips, make your own or limit these fried ones. I need not tell you the importance of Potassium, Magnesium and the rich B Vitamins a potato offers because the back label of these snacks offers a plethora of information.


These are provided as a convenience for consumers. Accuracy can not be guaranteed by Epinions or the Author. Please be aware that changes to ingredients can be made over time so to get the most accurate and up to date information please contact the manufacturer. (taken from becky2259)

Potatoes, Canola &/or Sunflower Oils mixed and Salt (unspecified if iodized or not).


As long as these lasted in our home, more than six weeks, the remaining chips were stale. They will do that as oil evaporates into the air no matter how sealed it is, over time they just get more dull then from the beginning with that first delicious chip. You cannot freeze them.


Serving Size= 1 ounce= 28g or about 12 chips
Servings per box= about 2.5
Calories= 160 Fat Calories= 90
Total Fat= 10g or 16%
Monounsaturated Fat= 5g
Polyunsaturated Fat = 2.5g
Saturated Fat= 1g or 5%
Trans Fat= 0
Cholesterol= 0

Sodium= 160mg or 7%
Total Carbohydrates= 15g or 5%
Protein = 2g
Fiber= 1g or 5%
Sugars= > 1g

Iron= 2%
Niacin= 6%
Phosphorous= 2%
Potassium= 340mg or 10%
Magnesium= 4%
Thiamin= 4%
Vitamins A & Calcium= 0%
Vitamin B6= 10%
Vitamin C= 10%
Vitamin E= 6%


These can be eaten right from bag, require no cooking BUT can be shredded to add as part of a crust for poultry, fish, veggies even. I have to agree with most people on the nutritional value of a potato (white not the red, yellow or sweet variety) is quite high but I still feel if we consume lesser acidic foods and concentrate more on keeping an alkaline level reading of 6.8-7.1 (the higher 7’s are BEST--but one cannot become too alkaline (8.0-10) as this is equally destructive at a cellular level.

A homeostatic condition where all body systems are working in proper conjunction with each other is not impossible to maintain and although many snack foods are aimed at temporarily satisfying a crunch, salty, spicy or zesty craving, this for simple fried potato fans is the ultimate chip. (Not in my book, sorry . . .)

|| SMELL ||

The ever heaviness of fried grease is all my nose picks up.

|| TASTE ||

Simple fried crunchy saltiness.

|| VERDICT (my) ||

The fried potato chip of Frito Lay is a type of snack I allowed my body to get more of its fair share back in the day; while today this is strictly a luxury as I really can heat up my own Olive or Canola Oil, slice my fresh potato very thin and layering in a single feat, make my own homemade wonderful chips.

Psssst, you can also make your own BUT if you have no desire or time, and have loved ones in your home who like to indulge in this no prep needed snack food, then by all means buy. Although the snack falls short because I don't like salt, I do recommend it sometimes for the nutritional quality one can get from the potato, but also from other less acid building sources like vegetables or grains.

So, I rate this Frito Lay Ruffles Original Potato Chips only ***½ stars because there are healthier ways to lower bad cholesterol (poly & mono fats do this) without risking heavily the threat of acidity increasing making healthy normal cells, POSSIBLY prone to cancerous conditions.

Thank you for reading and Enjoy sparingly,

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