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Power Stone 2 (Sega Dreamcast, 2000)

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The Perfect Party Game...In 3-D!

Aug 18, 2001
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Pros:-Three Dimensional -Four Player -120+ Weapons -Ten different difficulty settings

Cons:-Few stages -Gets boring after a week -Not As cheap as prequel

The Bottom Line: I would recommend Power Stone II only if you don't care much about the price difference between Power Stone II and its prequel (difference is at least $20).

COMPARISON: When Super Smash Brothers came out, I thought: This is the perfect party game, and to say anything else about it would be blasphemy. Only after playing Power Stone II did I find out that there was one thing it was lacking...3-D graphics.

WEAPONS: There are over 120 weapons. You can collect most of them in a special one-player mode to store on your memory card for future use in combat. You can also attempt to mix two weapons together for a possible new weapon, but most of the time the mixes are unsuccessful (although certain internet sites can tell you how to mix each weapon properly). Weapons include ray guns, umbrellas (they can break your fall in a certain stage where you drop thousands of feet onto the ground), swords, and bombs. There are also certain weapons that are not collectable but last longer in combat than the collectable weapons that are easily used up such as mummy coffins (you can trap an enemy in one), gunning posts (you can sit in the cockpit blowing everyone around you into smithereens, while they try to unseat you), etc.

CONTROLS: Controls are simple, although certain buttons have multiple functions when their intended function is not possible at the moment. the D-Pad and Joystick is obviously for moving around, the start button is obviously for pausing, and the A button is obviously the dreamcast equivalent of a keyboard's "enter" in menus. During fights, A is used for punching and kicking, B is used for picking things up, X is used for using weapons (shooting a gun or swinging your sword, for example), and Y is used for dropping your gun.

CONS: There are only 5 stages, not counting the few bosses in the "Adventure" option and a "Random" option in the stage selection. Also, fighting games in general don't last very long, unless you want to unlock everything, which I personally don't find exciting, although other people might enjoy it. A small problem about the 3-D graphics is that they make the characters hard to see, although this is not a big problem because there are color-coded and numbered labels ("1P", "2P", "COM", etc.) above each fighter's head to differentiate between each character and the team that they belong to. If you don't have the 50 bucks to waste on this game, you can buy the extremely cheaper Power Stone One (Usually its price ranges from 20-30 dollars, compared to 50 for this specific game)

Oh, and did I mention that its three dimensional? ;)

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