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Hey You, Pikachu! (Nintendo 64, 2000)

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Can Pikachu actually hear me??

Dec 18, 2000
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Pros:Cute game, pretty good graphics

Cons:Poor gameplay, very expensive

I have a 5 year old son, who loves Pokemon (especially Pikachu), and is just starting to enjoy playing video games. I was considering purchasing "Hey You Pikachu" as a Christmas gift for him, and decided to rent it first, to try it out, see if it was worth the cost, and see if he enjoyed the game. I am SO glad that I rented it first.

My first impression of the game was that it was very cute, and my son was very excited about playing the game. Unfortunately, his excitement didn't last too long.

First of all, the game isn't very "free", meaning that you can't just play around with Pikachu whenever you want. There is only a certain amount of time in each "day" that you can play with Pikachu before you and he must return home and go to sleep.

I must tell you that even I found it very difficult to get Pikachu to understand what it is that I'm trying to tell him to do, and that is even using only the few words and commands that are you told to use, (which are highlighted in red for you). You must time your words very carefully, and you often have to call him repeatedly even just to get his attention. Even my 17 year old brother, who is VERY skilled at playing video games, is having a hard time controlling Pikachu. I can hear him repeating the same commands (several times) at Pikachu, in the background while I type this.

As I mentioned, it was even difficult for an adult to control this game, and it was nearly impossible for my 5 year old. He quickly became tired with the game, because it was no fun for him to play.

The camera angles in this game also need some improvement, as it's hard to keep track of Pikachu while trying to look around, and look at items that are on the ground.

On a positive note, the graphics are quite nice to look at, and there is plently of cute sound effects. Although, these cute sound effects mostly consist of Pikachu saying "Pika Pika" and "Pikachu"!

If you are considering purchasing this game, I very strongly recommend that you rent it first. I personally think that this game is not worth the money it costs to buy, and although it's considered a childrens game, it's much too hard for a child to control. If you are looking for a Nintendo 64 Pokemon related game for your child to play, my son enjoys playing Pokemon Stadium. It's much easier for him to control, he doesn't get frustrated with it, and he even gets to choose which Pokemon he wants to battle with.

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