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Hey You, Pikachu! (Nintendo 64, 2000)

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Don't Buy This For The Holidays!

Dec 1, 2000
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Pros:fairly interesting concept

Cons:very very expensive, your kid will want it

If you have a Pokemon loving child and an N64, you might be thinking that Hey You Pikachu might be a great game to buy for a holiday gift. You might even be thinking about buying an N64 specifically so your child can play Hey You Pikachu. I have nothing against the game, but I am appalled by the $70 price.

Now that I have a Dreamcast, I am not impressed by anything on the N64. Pikachu and the other Pokemon are recognizable, but everything for the most part is a little blurry. However, the target audience (ie kids) will probably not notice the poor graphics because they will be too busy talking to Pikachu

The game comes with a peripheral microphone that attaches to the controller. In order to converse with Pikachu, you must press and hold "Z" while speaking into the controller. When you are done speaking, you must release "Z" or Pikachu will not hear you. You must speak clearly and only say the words in red at the top of the screen, or Pikachu will not understand you or he will think that you insulted him and ignore you. Also, moving around is very difficult, and if I had trouble, a kid is most definitely going to have trouble moving around Pikachu's world.

The Game
I am a big Pokemon fan. Between my boyfriend and me, we have all the Game Boy games, Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium and various assorted stuffed animals including a life-sized Bulbasaur that my boyfriend won at the Jersey Shore by beating a group of elementary school kids and their dads at a carnival game. But that's another story. It should be noted that the Pikachu in Hey You Pikachu is not Ash's (the main character in the animated series) Pikachu; it is a wild Pikachu. Attempting to control Pikachu reminds me of Ash's first few weeks with his Pikachu. It was fun to watch on TV, but it isn't so much fun to experience.

Imagine if you will a three year old child. This child is full of energy and curious about everything. Now give this child two liters of Mountain Dew to drink and then ask the child to help you pick the right vegetables for a stew recipe. This is exactly what it feels like when you play Hey You Pikachu. Pikachu picks up everything he can get his hands on, and if you tell him "Don't do that!" (as directed to by the red letters), he will sometimes hear "rat" instead of "that" and refuse to work with you because he is insulted.

The entire game consists of trying to get Pikachu to do things, but the things are very specific and there is very little structure. For example, when you are gathering vegetables for stew, if you don't tell Pikachu quickly enough that he has the right vegetable, he will eat it, thus ruining the exercise for you. If he picks up the wrong vegetable, he will also eat it and get a stomachache and then refuse to work with you.

Holiday Gift?
If your Pokemon loving child wants this game, don't buy it! Instead, rent it from Blockbuster and let your child play. Eventually, he or she will get tired of the game. It might take two or three rentals, but that would only be $15 as opposed to the $70 price of the game. If you buy this game, it will played for awhile but quickly end up in the corner gathering dust.

If you still want to buy an N64 game for a child, I suggest the following games. I should note that I am assuming that the child is 7-12 years old.

Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, and Donkey Kong 64 are all games where the characters must collect items and navigate through very cute worlds. Harvest Moon 64 is a very interesting game. Your character is a farmer, and he must plant seeds, and grow vegetables in addition to interacting with the villagers and falling in love. Please see my Harvest Moon epinion for more information. If your child really wants a Pokemon game, I would recommend Pokemon Stadium, which allows players to pick their own teams of Pokemon and battle them. If your child has the Game Boy game, he or she can upload their Game Boy Pokemon and battle them. I would say more about these games, but this is a Hey You Pikachu review.

Final Thoughts
The game is fairly interesting and the game is fairly revolutionary, except there is not enough structure and players grow frustrated and disinterested very easily. As mentioned before, rent the game and then wait for the kid to get tired of it but don't spend the $70!

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Have you ever wished you had a Pikachu to call your own? Wonder no more with Hey You, Pikachu! from Nintendo. Players will not only be able to watch P...
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Have you ever wished you had a Pikachu to call your own? Wonder no more with Hey You, Pikachu! from Nintendo. Players will not only be able to watch P...
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