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I find your review unhelpful....
by luquillo
...because it sounds so misleading.

"Well Killer Instinct Gold and Killer Instinct aren't that vastly different. I think it's fair considering that this title merely suggests it's a premium edition of the original."

Killer Instinct Gold is a sequal to the original and an updated version of the arcade, although a very poor update IMO.

"The theme of Killer Instinct isn't your typical martial-arts fest, it's just a bunch of hellish critters and a few sexy girls because every game needs a sexy breast count. An undead ninja, an iceman, a werewolf, a skeleton, the roster is funny."

You just described most of the fighting games in that era, Street Fighter: The New Challengers, Fatal Fury 2, the list goes on. And if you really played the game, then you would know that Jago, the ninja in the game is quite alive.

"I think this game is unneccessary for two reasons. The first is that it's basically Killer Instinct,"

This is just plain wrong here. There's a big difference between the two games. First of all, the character roster went through a change by eliminating Riptor, Thunder, and Cinder, and then replacing them with Kim Wu, Maya, and Tusk.

The combo system is also different, to perform large combos here, one of the things you would have to do is begin your attack with a heavy move, then work your way down to the next weakest move to work in the auto system. You can also pull this off manually as well. There's A LOT MORE to it, but there's a difference between the two games. Even the combo-breaker system is different.

"And without a moveslist guide or something, figuring out the special moves in this game is almost impossible."

How far did you get into this game? There's a practice mode you can access for each character you choose, and here, you can go through the complete moveslist. The only real error with this mode is that you cannot practice finishing moves, or even parries to perform the 60 hit combos. Those have to be done in the heat of battle.

Because I find some of your facts so strange. It forces me to believe you didn't play this game long enough, or maybe not at all.
Aug 24, 2012
1:46 pm PDT