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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64, 1998)

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Nintendo Presents: The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Jul 20, 2012
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Pros:Immersive story, fun as all heck, great characters

Cons:Graphics haven't aged well, not a lot of sidequests, Navi (on occasion)

The Bottom Line: A perfect 10/10, with a couple of sidequests to keep you busy along your journey, an immersive story and a great cast of characters, and a nice soundtrack to boot.

Here we go folks, my first game review! This one is a review of one of my favorite games of all time, that is, the OCARINA Of Time! Hitting the scene in 1998, this game was a huge success, having sold 7.6 million copies worldwide. I have lots of childhook memories with this game, playing the beginning levels over and over because I sucked so bad at it and kept starting over. I have beaten it though in later years 100%, so it's not like I don't know how to game unfolds. 

Link is the boy without a fairy. He resides in Kokiri Forest in the land of Hyrule. Kokiri Forest is the home of the Kokiri children, and the Great Deku Tree who watches over them. One day, The Great Deku tree sends Navi to be with Link and to have Link meet the Deku Tree. During their meeting, Link finds out the Deku tree is cursed, and Link must break the curse. Link does so, and finds out the Deku Tree was doomed from the start, and then tells him the story of the Goddesses, Din, Nayru and Faoroe, who created Hyrule and left the Triforce, who allows whoever posesses it to grant a wish. Link obtains the Kokiri Emerald, one of three spiritual stones, and must seek out the other two. Without tell you too much more, Link does so, and then must go on an epic quest around Hyrule, gaining new items and abilities along the way.

From using your sword and shield, with awesome new Z-targeting, to using a hookshot, bombs, the megaton hammer, the classic bow and arrow, and even magic abilities such as the ability to case Dins fire or even invinvibility. The fighting is pretty balanced, albeit a bit easy in the beginning, or maybe I'm just well experienced in the beginning, who knows. For overworld travel, you gain access to a horse later in the game, making travel a lot easier. You learn songs ingame, that when played do different things, from changing day to night, to calling your horse, helping progress the game, and even a couple of warp songs to help you get around the land of Hyrule. As far as sidequests go, there isn't a lot really. There is a mask sidequest, a sidequest in which you must kill 100 gold skultullas with a pretty dumb prize, and a sidequest to get you the strongest sword in the game. Overall, the mask sidequest can be a bit tedious, but easy. The skultulla sidequest is the game, but much mroe tedious, and very hard without a guide. The Biggoron Sword sidequest on the other hand can be pretty problematic, with it's timed events where you race against the clock to get to the next area to deliver whatever you need to, but worth it in the end. There are also the classic Zelda heart piece collection, which can be a bit tedious but worth it for the extra health.

Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf, the three main characters. Overall, they are pretty stereotypical, Link being the brave knight who must rescue the land from evil, Zelda, who offers some surprises and being much more than a princess in distress, and Ganondorf, an evil man fromn the desert who wishes to gain the triforce and take Hyrule for himself. As far as the rest of the cast go, some do have stories themselves, but they for the most part of are just simply there to populate the land, take up space and look pretty. Saria is an example of one who has more to here than meets the eye, and a couple other, but I wont spoil too much. 

The music, boy, where do I start? This has got to be one of the, if not THE, best video game soundtrack ever. From the catchy simple Kokiri Forest song, to the warp songs, the intro song, and the end credits song. The songs are more than capable of standing by themselves for simple listening pleasure. I listen to them all the time. Even the simple little jingles that play, whether it be the "got item" jingle, opening a treasure chest, or doing something correct, the classic Zelda jingles are pleasant to hear. I wish I could say more about the music, I really do, but you gotta give the music a listen to truely understand how great it is, words can't describe.

For it's time, the graphics were pretty standard. Nowadays, they don't really compete at all, but do not let that keep you away from playing it. The game is a joy to play, and it is the gameplay that matters more than graphics, in the end. Even with the classic jagged polygons, Nintendo really did create some beautiful worlds to look at. The Forest Temple and Spirit Temple come to mind. Like I said, do not let the graphics keep you from playing the game, give it a chance, you'll like it!

14 years have passed, and this game has stood the test of time. An instant classic, join Link as you fight monsters, collect items and a couple of spells, and collect spiritual stones and medallions. Gain the courage to face Ganondorf, learn about the history of Hyrule, discover who you truly are, learn your destiny, save Hyrule, you are the one chosen by the Gods!

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