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Area 51 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2005)

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stick to the arcade

May 26, 2000
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Pros:endless fun

Cons:too simplistic

Area 51 in my opinion is a great game. It was a great idea to begin with, and they kept it simple. Regardless of the fact that I am about to discourage you from buying it, it's still great. The only problem with it is lack of variety. You only fight two kinds of enemies(not including the boss at the end). Plus the gun upgrades are pretty weak. All you can get is a shotgun or an automatic. Of course their's the automatic shotgun, but I would rather the shotgun not be automatic in the first place.

The enemies: Really there's not much to talk about here. There are two types of enemies, the one shot your dead type, that just stand there and fire at you like their insane, and the type that throw things at you. Of course at the end of the game you get to fight the mothership, which isn't much of a challenge, especially for 2 players.

the levels: There are only 4 of them! that probably took about 20% of the memory on the CD! The first level you enter the warehouse, and go through it like you would any shooter. Then you leave the warehouse and drive to an office building, not much variety here either. After that you enter a tech area. You leave there only to end up in some kind of toxic waste packaging area. Then you fight the Boss. Special Bonus for beating the game; You get to start back from the beginning! There are a few miniature secret areas, but really nothing special.

The secrets: Allright, for those of you who already own this game, you get a special bonus.
Kronn Hunter: A type of special guy designed to kill aliens. What does it do? Well, you get a funky colored screen, and if you shoot a good guy you don't loose anything. You get it by starting off in the beginning, and only shoot good guys. THis is not a trick to make you throw away your money at the arcade. You must shoot the first 3 officers to achieve this.
The office: It's a bathroom ok. Inside are a bunch of aliens, uhhh... reliving themselves. You get it by entering the office building, and when you get to the part where you open the doors to certain peoples offices, you have to shoot out the glass covering their name plates. Their on the door, hard to explain.
Some weird place: after you leave the tech center, there will be a place with about a thousand barrels where 2 purple guys are throwing barrels at you. Shoot out every single barrel to go there. I am not going to tell you about this place, let's just call it heaven.

multiplayer: won't affect game with or without
play control: 4 I prefer a controller over a gun
sound: 1 the groans sound stupid
graphics: 1 take off your glasses and read this review, can you say fuzzy?
funfactor: 3 I consider it good
replay value: 3 I play it once in a while, but it's hardly worth my time

To some it all up: So you played it at the arcade and thought about buying it. Well consider this, when you played it, was it a fulfilling enough game to spend 25 or more dollars on? I didn't think so either. Before you buy consider whether or not this game is really what you want to spend your money and time on.

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