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Diablo (Sony PlayStation 1, 1998)

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Is Diablo Doomed?

Jan 22, 2000
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Pros:just fun

Cons:takes 10 block to save

What could be better than spending the day killing demons and collecting money? Not Much!

Diablo is simply a fun game to play. You can choose between three different characters: the warrior, rogue, or sorcerer. I personally like being the rogue because you don't have to get as close to the enemy as you do when you are the warrior. The sorcerer is a weak character unless you get his magic up really far. He gets killed easily, not just when I am playing him either. The object is to make it into Hell and kill Diablo, of course you have many other people to kill first.

This game can be played by two people. If you do that just make sure that you have at least one scroll of resurrect on each of you. If you both are not warriors it is easy to off the other player.

There are a couple bad things about Diablo though. One is that you need to talk to the towns people if you want to get rewards for things you find, however you can cut what they say short. If you haven't talked to one before though he will go through every thing that he would have said for each adventure.

The other is that it takes 10 blocks on your memory card to save a game.

Over all if you have an afternoon to kill why not spend it fighting Diablo?

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