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Mar 20, 2012
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Pros:Cost effective, easy to use, dries the items well

Cons:No wrinkle control, only basic settings.

The Bottom Line: This is a nice basic machine that dries items quickly.

We recently moved into our first home and now have the opportunity to own a washer and dryer that does not require quarters for use.  When we were looking at various models, we wanted the washer and dryer to appear as though they were a set while meeting our basic needs.  I did not want fancy machines that had too many option settings.  These extra settings can be nice but result in a costly machine for both a washer and a dryer.  We wanted to find a dryer that would provide some temperature and drying cycles that were practical and would actually be used.  After looking at several models, we selected the GE GTDP300MWS.  This model was similar in appearance to our selected washer, GE GTWN3000MWS Top Load Washer.  The dryer measure 42" x 27 x 28 1/4."

We located this dryer at a national retailer and paid a sale price of $450.  We had seen this model at multiple stores during our search.  This is a gas run dryer.  This model includes a one year manufacturer warranty.  We have not had to test this warranty on the dryer but we did for the washer.  GE quickly came out to our home and made the necessary repairs without any issue. 

This dryer is white in coloring and is controlled by three dials located on the front panel of the machine.  This dryer has 7 cu feet of space available for drying.  The inside of the machine is made with a DuraDrum interior that provides long lasting durability in the machine.  This dryer has a door that opens in the front.  Depending on your needs, this machine has the ability to have the door reversed in the case you need for it to open in the other direction.  Although this was not necessary, I find this to be a wonderful option.  We are not planning on moving anytime soon, but in the case we do, it may be necessary to change the side in which the door opens. 

This machine is equipped with four heat settings:  regular, medium, low and air fluff.  The "regular" setting is ideal for cotton while "medium" works best with easy care items.  For delicate items, "low heat" is the proper setting.  In the case you do not want the item exposed to any heat and want to give it a freshened look, the "air fluff" setting would be best.  The "air fluff" cycle is only to be used with a time dry cycle. 

The machine also provides four different drying cycles that you can tailor to the items being done.  The first cycle that is available for cotton.  We have found that we use this setting for nearly everything that comes in.  This is intended for any cotton item that is considered regular to heavy.  For delicate and thinner cotton items, the machine offers an easy care setting.  This setting provides less wrinkles and permanent press while being ideal for delicate items and knits.  The cycle also offers you the option to select the amount of time for it to run.  The cycle runs from 10-80 minutes in ten minute intervals.  A final cycle that is available is the quick fluff setting.  This allows for items to be run without any heat being applied to them.  This works well for "fluffing" an article of clothing that may have been flattened due to sitting at the bottom of the drawer. 

The machine has a clearly indicated button signaling an on function.  The machine also provides a signal indicator in which the machine will make a buzzing sound when it is completed.  We have found that the machine goes off twice, the machine first sounds when the cycle is a few minutes from completion and a second when it actually finished. 

The machine has a lint collector located just inside of the door and should be cleaned after each use.  Failure to do so can result in fire.  The lint collector is easy to remove and clean out.  It must be replaced before using the machine. 

Overall, we have been extremely happy with the new dryer.  The cloths come out fresh and dry.  We primarily use the cotton cycle and easy care cycles with the comparable air temperatures.  I do not use the timed setting as I am not very good at estimating how much time is truly needed.  Frankly, the two aforementioned cycles cover all of my needs.  The machine is simple to use and is easily controlled.  Although this machine may not have all of the bells and whistles of many others, it serves its primary function, getting the items dry without tearing or scorching the material.  As long as removed in a timely manner, the items inside the machine are wrinkle free after each use.  If you leave the items in the machine for a long period, regardless of the machine, wrinkles will set in. 

I have ran multiple cycles using with cloths, sheets and towels and found that all three were dried effectively.  All items have left the machine in the same condition as when they are first placed inside of it.

Installation of the dryer was very easy once we had the proper valve.  The valve that was used on the house was not compatible with the gas hoses.  A quick trip to a local hardwood store quickly resolved this.  The ductwork and some of the other necessary installation pieces were purchased in a separate kit for approximately $50.  You do want to ensure that the venting ductwork has a clear path to ensure the highest level of efficiency.  The instruction manual provides very clear directions that provide illustrations.  A dryer requires more work than the installation of a washer but was not difficult.  My husband did not have any difficulties following the instructions that were provided.

I would highly recommend this machine for a person who likes a basic model that can get the job done.  The settings are easy to use and manipulate resulting in a simple process.  The machine is cost effective and will provide you all of your basic needs. 

Now if they could only make a machine that folds the cloths when they are done...

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