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Mar 14, 2012 (Updated Mar 14, 2012)
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Pros:Quiet and quick loads.

Cons:Rinse cycle could be a little stronger. Do not use satin sheets!

The Bottom Line: This is a very cost effective machine that will meet your needs.  It is quiet and works quickly.

We recently moved into our first home and a washer and dryer were the primary large purchases (besides the actual house) made shortly thereafter.  I wanted to find a machine that was simple in design but would provide us some nice washing options.  After looking at multiple machines, we chose the GE GTWN3000MWS Top Load Washer.  GE is a solid company that has a well established reputation for providing quality products.  We purchased this machine at a local retailer for approximately $370.  This product includes a one year warranty that is provided by the manufacturer.  When we purchased the machine, we also purchased a hook-up kit that was appropriate for this specific item.  The kit was approximately $15.

This washing machine has a 3.6 c.u ft. capacity and has a spin speed of 630 RPM.  The inside tube is made of stainless steel for overall longer lasting performance.  The machine provides a total of 7 wash cycles and 2 wash/rinse combinations.  There are 3 options for water temperature to best suit the load of laundry you are cleaning.  There is slot on top of the agitator for fabric softener or bleach. 

Installing the machine was quite easy.  I admit I was more of a spectator than an active participant, but my husband did not have any difficulty getting it working.    The washer must be installed on firm flooring to minimize the vibrations that occur during the spin cycle.  Concrete flooring is ideal.  The washer should not be installed in a location that will result in exposure to the weather elements.  The water pressure must be between 10 and 150 psi.  The water heater should be set to provide water that falls between 120 and 150 degrees.  Both hot and cold shutoff valves should be supplied.  The water that drains from the machine must go into a standpipe or set tub.  The discharge height must be between 30 inches and 8 feet above the base of the washer.    An extension cord or adapter plug should not be used with this machine for personal safety.  The machine should also be connected to an individual, properly grounded branch circuit and protected by a 15 or 20 amp circuit breaker.

In order to install the machine, you will need a Phillips screwdriver, slip joint pliers and a level.  The kit includes two water hoses, 2 rubber washers and 2 strainer screens/rubber washers.  The machine itself includes the drain hose, screws, antisiphon clip and a cable tie.

Once the machine was in place, we began to remove the packing material from the washer.  At this time, you will want to remove the shipping bar located on the bottom of the machine.  You will want to keep this in the case of a future move.  The directions will provide step by step instruction as to the installation of the drain hose and water hoses.  The instructions are very clear and provide detailed illustrations for the visual follower.  Once all of the hoses have been attached and the appliance is grounded, the machine is ready to be plugged in.  Prior to running any actual loads, we did a test run using one towel to ensure that it was not leaking and that it was working properly.  It took my husband approximately 10-15 minutes to have the machine fully installed.

This washer is extremely easy to use and has only a few dials to manipulate.  The washer provides you the option to use a small, large or super load.  We have found that the large setting has met most of our needs.  The water temperature options include:  Cold/Cold, Warm/Cold and Hot/Cold.  All rinse cycles are done with cold water.  The machine provides two spin cycles that are intended for whites/dark colors and casuals.  The machine has the settings for whites and dark listed separately but result in the same response.  The 7 cycles include:  Heavy, Medium, Light, Extra Light, Rinse and Soak, Drain and Spin and Off.  This variety of setting will allow you to cater the cycle to match the load needs.  Typically, we wash our clothes using the medium or light options.  The machine is turned on and off by pulling up or down on the dial. 

Overall, we have been extremely happy with the washer.  We use standard detergent and have found that the machine does not have any problems rinsing the soap out.  I would like to see the spin cycle remove a bit more water but we have not had to compensate the extra moisture with extra time in the dryer.  During the time we have had the machine, we have had very dirty clothing put it to the test and found that the machine did quite well.  The machine itself is extremely quiet and is quick to finish a load.  Typically a load is done in about 20-25 minutes.  The machine was quieter than anticipated and I found myself checking to make sure it was still running during the first week. 

The only issue we had with the washer involved a set of satin sheets and the agitator.  The sheets managed to slide inside of the agitator and actually broke the piece.  We called GE and they were able to fix this quickly for us without any hassle.  Needless to say, the sheets were ruined and needed to be replaced.  I have used the washer for other cotton sheets and have not had any problems.  The thinner and smoother material allowed for the sheet to become entangled as it did.  We were getting a little bored with the satin sheets and were planning to get rid of them anyway so in the long run, it worked out.  I have used shirts that were made out of a similar material and this problem was not repeated.  Since this occurrence, I have done multiple loads of sheets and have not had any further problems.

Overall, I would recommend this washer.  The machine is quiet, efficient and simple to use.  Very little maintenance and upkeep is needed to maintain the overall performance of the machine.  The cost is wonderful for the results you receive.

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